E’s 4th of July Weekend Country Countdown – pt. 4

July 4, 2009

I’m back again to keep these hits coming.  I figure I’ll have to keep a pretty steady posting pace to get you all 200 songs by weekends end, so i’ll continue to work on a post every couple hours or so (at least while I have nothing better to do at work). 

170.  Alan Jackson – Who’s cheatin’ who.  Another jam from a big country star (with many more to follow – it’s Alan-freaking-Jackson, after all). Relationships…tricky…

169. Mark Chesnutt – Goin’ through the big D.  This one is a classic country tune with a classic message of lvoe and loss.  Add a specific reference to a Texas city and you’ve got a staple country jam. (again, no video.  sorry).

Mar Chesnutt – Going through the big D

168. George Strait – Carrying your love with me.  It’s George Strait, of course he’s getting multiple looks on this list.  Another classic country jam.  (sorry for the weird video.  it wasn’t easy finding a video on youtube that isn’t a cover).

167. Joe Diffie – A night to remember.  I almost failed to include my man Joe on this list, but, realizing my error of omission, I was able to slide him in for you (you’ll thank me later). 

166. Phil Vassar – Just another day in paradise.  Another fun, feel-good country jam (shocking).  This will be Vassar’s only jam on the list, so enjoy.

165. Joe Nichols – Brokenheartsville.  Another one-hit wonder (at least for the purposes of this list) but a good little jam about heartache (and believe me, country KNOWS heartache).

164. John Michael Montgomery – I love the way you love me.  For some reason I could only get you this live version, but it still gets the job done.

163. Dixie Chicks – I can love you better.  Nothing like having too many girls wanting to love you.  Especially if some of them are these hot little blondes.  Jam #2 from these chicks – many more to come.

162. JoDee Messina – I’m alright.  Another female country star whom I like very much.  An old, former girlfriend of mine was a big Messina fan, and she got me hooked.  Again, one of several of her’s to make the list.

161. Kenny Chesney – There goes my life.  Another tale of life’s little mystery and rolling with the punches sung by one of the masters.  This is one of my favorite Chesney songs.

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