E’s 4th of July Weekend Country Countdown – pt. 2

July 4, 2009

I apologize for the delay.  I was going to post another ten last night but was “having a little too much fun” to be dealing with the computer.  Don’t worry, though, I’ll be getting you all 200 jams by the end of the weekend.  Let’s jump right into it.

190. Dierks Bentley –  What was I thinkin’.  A hip song by a guy who’s been receiving some decent radio time lately.  Anyway, I think we can all relate in some way or another to the message of this song.

189. Toby Keith – Who’s your daddy.  Need I explain?

188. Tim McGraw – Grown men don’t cry.  First jam of MANY from this country superstar.  A little sappy, but hey, it IS country music. 

187. Justin Moore – Smalltown USA.  One of those fitting “4th of july, celebration of the simple life in America ” kinda songs. 

186. Patty Loveless – I try to think about Elvis.  Again, a theme I think we can all relate to.  Trying not to think about something or someone when it’s all you can seem to think about. 

185. Alan Jackson – It must be love.  The first of several for another country music icon. 

184. Dixie Chicks – Sin Wagon.  This is one of the groups that got me into country music in the late 90’s.  They will get several songs on this countdown.  this first being a fun, fast-paced tune to get that heartrate up.

183. Diamond Rio – Unbelievable.  These guys are a pretty popular country crew with a few jams on the list (my favorite of their works cracks the top 50).  This is a fun little tune about bein’ in love. 

182. Toby Keith – A little less talk and a lot more action.  Keith has that rockin’, rowdy country style that isn’t quite my favorite part of the genre, but still deserves some recognition.  Here’s another such song. 

181. Mark Wills – Nineteen Something.  This is a fun jam from a guy who has a few on the countdown.  This is probably his biggest hit over the last few years.  A little song about the good old days.

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