Pitchman Billy Mays found dead…Grim Reaper getting work during the recession…

June 28, 2009


That is the first thing that went through our mind here at Too Old.  The Grim Reaper is like one of the few people working during the recession and they are busy.  Farrah Fawcett, The King of Pop and now Billy Mays have succumbed to the long goodnight.

Television pitchman Billy Mays — who built his fame by appearing on commercials and infomercials promoting household products and gadgets — died Sunday.

Mays, 50, was found unresponsive by his wife inside his Tampa, Fla., home at 7:45 a.m. on Sunday, according to the Tampa Police Department.

Police said there were no signs of forced entry to Mays’ residence and foul play is not suspected. Authorities said an autopsy should be complete by Monday afternoon.

Billy Mays had that hardworking, “I’m on my grind” feel to him, and he was a born Hustler, which makes him one of us here.

Mays was born in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. After graduating from Sto-Rox High School in 1977, he began his career as a salesman on the Atlantic City boardwalk, selling the Washmatik portable washing device to passersby. Working alongside other pitchmen, he developed his style of salesmanship.[4]

Mays later traveled to home shows, auto shows, and state fairs across the United States for a period of twelve years, selling various maintenance products and tools, including cleaning products and food choppers.[4]

Fox explains the reasons for why Billy Mays is in our lexicon…

Guys who are selling you things you dont need, but you almost cant help yourself.  Thats why you know these guys are good...

Guys who are selling you things you don't need, but you almost can't help yourself. That's why you know these guys are good...

Mays was well known for his numerous television promotions of such products as Orange Glo and OxiClean. He was also featured on the reality TV show “Pitchmen” on the Discovery Channel, which followed Mays and Anthony Sullivan in their marketing jobs.

Billy Mays was a hardworking and seemingly likeable dude.  Plus, we love the ESPN commercials

We all now that ESPN at work is better than work at work

It’s definitely a lot less soul crushing at work with ESPN…thanks for showing us the internet.

One Response to “Pitchman Billy Mays found dead…Grim Reaper getting work during the recession…”

  1. merylr0se said

    Don’t forget, Ed McMahon died too

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