One of Charlie’s Angels finally flies home…Farrah Fawcett gone at 62

June 25, 2009

There has been a lot of death recently.  I am constantly brought back to a friend first and a feared competitor second, who was felled by cancer.  Hearing about the health of Farrah Fawcett brings me back my friend Becky Galentine. (1971-1999)  I am stunned to think that it has been a decade since she left.  It shows how time passes, but it also shows how she touched a lot of people.  One the debate listserv, people were honoring the decade since she left and the different things that still exist because of her efforts, like the Woman’s Debate Institute and the Galentine Award

CEDA Awards – The Galentine Award

Submitted by stables on Sat, 2009-01-24 19:13.

Who is eligible? The annual award named in honor of Rebecca Galentine is designed to recognize an outstanding female debate coach in CEDA.What are the criteria? The ideal candidate can demonstrate service to programs and the organization, community building and competitive success.

How can I nominate someone? Candidates should be nominated by having a sponsor submit a cover letter recommending the candidate. Additional letters of support (including those from colleagues and students) can also be submitted. All materials must be submitted by February 20, 2009

The only sad thing is that I can’t win that award and its one of the few that I would really treasure.  But, I love the rationale for the award, since it embraces a lot of what she was about. (Although I will not really forgive Tony Hunter for basically throwing a round against her and another friend she was debating with, Yuri.  Tony choked, went for their arguments, which she was killing him on.  He could have easily won on a dropped T argument on case…lol)

Death is all around us like a shroud.  It is one of the many reasons I embrace that “Happy go lucky” tag that my 5th grade teacher derisively assigned to me.  I re-appropriated that term to be a way to embrace life, since is short and not promised tomorrow.   I haven’t even wanted to take a  stab (wrong word choice) look at the issues in Iran that they are facing in their attempts for freedom and Neda and the protests in her honor. (VIDEO IS GRAPHIC AND IS NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN)

So, while driving into work, I heard about Farrah Fawcett and her declining, now failed health and that brought me back to my childhood and adolescence.

This was one of the shows in the late 70’s that made TV worth watching.  Remember, this is a pre cable existance, so there really wasn’t shit to watch.

Charlie’s Angels is a television series about three women who work for a private investigation agency, and is one of the first shows to showcase women in roles traditionally reserved for men. The series was broadcast in the USA on the ABC Television Network from 1976 to 1981 and was one of the most successful series of the 1970s. Charlie’s Angels was created by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts and produced by Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg. In pre-production, the original proposed title was The Alley Cats.[1]

Ally Cats sucks as a name and I am glad someone with some sense won out on the title.

Three women, the Angels (originally Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, and Jaclyn Smith), graduated from the Los Angeles police academy only to be assigned such duties as handling switch boards and traffic. They quit and were hired to work for the Charles Townsend Agency as private investigators. Their boss, Charlie (voiced by John Forsythe), is never seen full face — in some episodes the viewer gets to see the back of his head and his arms, talking through a phone while surrounded by beautiful women — assigning cases to the Angels and his liaison, Bosley (played by David Doyle), via a speaker phone.

Charlie’s Angels is episodic in nature, as opposed to serial, thus each episode shows the Angels finding themselves in new situations in which they would go undercover to investigate. The undercover aspect of the show creates much of the plot interest and tension. In the early seasons of the show, the Angels, under their assumed identities, use a combination of sexual wiles and knowledge learned for the situation in which they are being placed, but by the third and fourth seasons, the writing has a tendency to stray from the sex appeal and focus more on the case at hand.

You have a boy (me), who during the shows run becomes a teenager.  What is there not to like about this show?!?!?!  This era of TV watching was perfect. It was beautiful women, finding creative ways to get what they want AND bring down bad guys.  What a dynamic duo of fun!

And during this time, she was married to my other favorite TV show actor at the time, Lee Majors, the Six Million Dollar Man and

And during this time, she was married to my other favorite TV show actor at the time, Lee Majors, the Six Million Dollar Man and The Fall Guy, stuntman to the stars...

ABC News tells the sad tale of the passing of a young boys fantasy girl…

Farrah Fawcett, the 1970s “It Girl” who was known for her cascading golden hair and bombshell body, died in a Santa Monica hospital today, ABC News has learned. She was 62-years-old.


“After a long and brave battle with cancer, our beloved Farrah has passed away,” Fawcett’s longtime romantic partner Ryan O’Neal said in a statement released by Fawcett’s publicist, Paul Bloch. “Although this is an extremely difficult time for her family and friends, we take comfort in the beautiful times that we shared with Farrah over the years and the knowledge that her life brought joy to so many people around the world.”

Fawcett became a symbol of the will to survive through her years-long battle with cancer, which was chronicled in the recent TV documentary “Farrah’s Story.” Her death comes on the heels of O’Neal’s declaration that she agreed to marry him.

“I’ve asked her to marry me, again, and she’s agreed,” O’Neal, 68, told Barbara Walters who sat down with O’Neal and others close to Fawcett in the final days of the actress’ life.

Fawcett and O’Neal began dating in 1980 and lived together with son Redmond. The two never officially tied the knot, but not for O’Neal’s lack of trying.

“I used to ask her to marry me all the time,” he said. “But … it just got to be a joke, you know. We just joked about it.”

Its ironic that I worte about marriage the other day and then today find out that I had a kindered spirit in Farrah.  This relationship lasted almost 30 years without any fallout.  They have a normal son ( at least we are not hearing about him and his escapades in the media) and they had a loving relationship.

Farrah and Becky, thanks for the memories…and the advice from your movie career.  I learned that if you mistreat your partner, you could be killed in bed.  That won you the Oscar and won me years on my life.

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