E’s song of the day

June 23, 2009

Just got off work a little bit ago, and I’ve been on the phone chattng with some buddies before realizing I need to get in under the gun for today’s song.  I heard on the radio today that my man Ginuwine is ocming out with a new album.  I don’t know about you, but that dude was always a nice go-to guy for some smooth tunes to get the ladies going back when I was in high school (shit, he still gets ’em going in these modern times).   I just visited his website and confirmed that not only does he have a new disc out right now (literally, it came out today), but he’ll also be releasing a Greatest Hits in late November.  Obviously today’s jam will be on that greatest hits album.  I came oh-so-very-close to dropping the classic, original Ginuwine cut “My Pony” featuring the dude that sounds like he’s burping, but instead decided on this more subtle love jam.  This one’s for all those single ladies out there.  Just remember, your boy E always has love for ya.  Today’s jam: Ginuwine – Differences.  Enjoy….

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