This is a damn shame. Get a life, please.

June 19, 2009

Who are these people? Do they have jobs? Do I know some of these? I hope not. I’m sure Jason knows a few. But this is a shame. With everything going on in this country why spend your time waiting in line? Go out do something for others. Stop being so selfish. You really can’t wait a few days/weeks? Hell, I waited 25 years for my first phone.

I’m talking about the losers that wait in line to buy the new what-evers. In this case it was the new iPhone. This one replaces the 3G and is called the 3GS. “S” for “SUCKER”. Because its the same as the last one only with a software upgrade. The 3G’s can upgrade to 3GS software. Which begs the question why buy the new one for $100 more. Well it’s $100 more only if you didn’t buy the old one. In that case you pay an extra $200. Call it ALT or an Apple Loyalty Tax. Basically Steve Jobs bending you over and saying “Thanks for coming out again. Oh, I forgot Fu-k you pay me ya dork”. If anything shouldn’t you get some $ off b/c you stood in line and bought the old one. Typical geeks hating on on other geeks. If you didn’t know it’s their favorite pastime. Oh, yeah geeks are mean/cruel people.  Some of the worst. I guess Job’s figured the worse I treat ’em the more they kiss my ASS. Let’s keep this up. New marketing strategy:

You also have to pay more if you have an Apple Tattoo.

Or if you call yourself an iPhone Geek.

You couldn't get this guy laid in a whorehouse.

Here are some that waited in the rain. O.K. if this is my son. I’m kicking his ASS. O.K. this would never be my son. How come you never see any women in line. I’m sure there are a few stragglers. If Steve Jobs were really smart he would plant a few women in line. Bet the line would triple in size. On second thought the dorks may get nervous and run off. Sounds like a headline for the Onion “iPhone sales disaster after women planted in line.”

But can’t just blame the Dorks for standing in line. Here is an article I found titled ”

Apple iPhone 3G S: Worth Standing in Line For?

“.  How did the Nerd Hipsters ever have a chance. Well,  like they ever considered not waiting in line.

So sick of the iPhone. Cant take it any longer.  I’m even sick of typing ” iPhone”. Lower case “i” then uppercase “P”. WHYyyyyy. Why does this piece of tech not have to follow basic rules of grammar? I’m typing “ifone” from now on. May just snap on some hipster. Maybe I’ll snap on that hipster E and I always see at the A’s games. Bet $100 he has an ifone? Next game I’m gonna snap a picture just to warn little children, or save if a friend ever needs to kick a drug habit. Then again maybe not b/c I would be doing that stiff a favor. He might just start buying mens clothing after the ass kickin.

2 Responses to “This is a damn shame. Get a life, please.”

  1. Steve said

    only hipsters and dirty college students wait in line for things like that. For other people, its called patience or discipline.

  2. […] I think that I am going to switch to, since my phone is giving me grief.  Ronin also talked about the lengths that these IPhone hipsters are willing to go through to get their phone, which is basically the same phone, with 3G! (shit we already had on other phones…way to catch […]

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