Reno 911

June 19, 2009

You might be thinking that I am going to talk about the show.

Well, you would be wrong.  We went to Reno because we had an emergency all caused by the movie, The Hangover.  Run, don’t walk to see this movie, especially since it motivated us to get in the car after viewing and drive to Reno, since Vegas was a little to far to do with E having to work the next day. Ronin was unable to get off work, so he could not join us.

Who has not been here?  If you have not, then you have not had enough alcohol...

Who has not been here? If you have not, then you have not had enough alcohol...

The Reno portion of the trip was a good time had by all.  Since it was a quick trip, not a lot happened, but let’s break it down.

1) Reno road construction.  This sucked and caused us to lose a lot of time on the road.  Up near Truckee, there is a lot of road construction that forces the lines to merge into one lane.  The signs are not well designed, so you might miss them, especially since they are on the left hand side of the road.  This is why it pays to read this blog, or other blogs, like this one on Road Construction

Our main route over the Sierra Nevada, Interstate 80, is currently undergoing major work in several places between the Nevada state line and Colfax, CA. I just drove that stretch at night and it was not fun. In many places, work is going on 24/7, giving motorists no relief from delays and detours. The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has set up a website specifically for these projects called It’s a real good idea to have a look before leaving Reno on westbound I80. Truckers are especially advised to check this site for extra restrictions applying to big rigs.

The website is extremely helpful, and I didn’t find out about it until we were driving past an Amber Alert sign with the info.

2) Mid Week Gambling

Some of the best times to play poker.  The only advice that I would have for tournament players is to call the poker rooms early and find out if they are having their tournament.  You cannot count on the information that you find online or in pokerplayer or cardplayer magazine.  Love the publications, but the places are somewhat shady.  I went here first for the 7 o’clock tournament, only to find out that they were not going to have it today. 

Since we got into town about 615pm, that meant that all the other 6pm tournaments would be a non starter.  So, we went to SONIC for some food

We had accommodations here at the Atlantis

What the picture doesn't show is that the black marble is where there is a whirlpool tub, and there is a sitting room with a full sized bar and TV. The one thing is that they need to step their TV game up. It was a few 25 inch TV's.

3) Food in Reno: Sonic is a place that they REALLY need to have in the Bay Area.  I wonder what the franchising fees are for a SONIC, because most people that I know that have tried SONIC, would eat it here in the Bay if they had it.  So, this was a win, while we waited to play some cards some where.

4) Which led us to my favorite dive gambling spot, the Cal-Neva.

They had a 10pm small single table tournament that we played for fun.  The people there were among some of the worst players that I have seen sit down at a table and talk about poker ever.  They talked like thy had played a lot, but they were the loosest calling and raising stations I have ever seen.   One woman routinely played second and third pair to the river and sounded shocked every time you lost.  I can still hear her say, ” Oh you have that Ace again? Darn…” as she would fold her hand into the muck.  So, E and I must have crushed it out, right? Of course not. I finished fifth and E finished third.  The first hand, I got all my chips in with pocket aces preflop.  The guy who finished second called me with King Ten offsuit.  It was a sign of things to come.  I won that hand, but lost plenty others to random trash.  By the end of the rebuys, I was finally eliminated with pocket Kings preflop against Queen ten, and he hit a straight to finish me.  The people who finished 3,4, and 5 were the best players at the table.  Yet, we went home with nothing.  The other funny thing that happened was that the guy who won suggested a chop that would include third place getting their money back.  At first, the guy who finished second (who was the chip leader by a lot) agreed, and then he was like forget it.  E almost finished in the money attempting to hang on through big blinds hitting.  At one point they were all in with the D-bag who didn’t want the split and the eventual winner (lets call him Rube) showing down pre-flop and it was a monster hand for Rube that D-Bag chased him down and got him on the river to win the hand.  The next hand E had to go all in and was finished.

Too bad that it isnt like this artists redering...

Too bad that it isnt like this artists redering...

5) Drunk Bowling.  It’s 12:30 am and too early to go back to the suite and not drunk enough for the strip club, we decide to go bowling, since there is an alley right on Virginia St, going back to the hotel.  Of course, they are closed, so we head out to the Grand Sierra to go bowling

We get two games of bowling in, where I bowl a 70 and then a 108 versus Erik who bowls a 135 and then a 138.  During this, we have a glass, then a pitcher of beer.  Around 2am, I tell Erik, that I am ready to go, since I am going to play in a few hours at Harrah’s and their morning poker tournament.  This is a tournament that has a place in my heart, since I have been playing there since 2005 and won a few tournaments there.  Erik decides that he needs one more drink for the road.  We stop at a bar in the Grand Sierra to get him a drink.  I am standing behind Erik, since I am not going to get anything to drink.  While I am waiting, this older black gentleman turns to me and says,

” Could you not stand behind me?  I have been stabbed in the back before.”

Now, I wasn’t standing behind him, but what do you say to that?  I just nodded and took another exaggerated step away from him and past Erik.  After a minute or so, he turns and apologizes to me.  I offer to buy him a drink and he will not hear of it and buys me a drink.

6) Harrah’s Tournaments for Poker.

Still have my 05 WSOP Harrahs shirt

Still have my 05 WSOP Harrah's shirt

You should play here.  I am going to play here for sure the next time that I am in town.  Two dealers in the tournament remembered who I was.  the crazy thing about that is that I have not been to Reno in at least a year to play cards.  But, they knew things about me that made me know that they remembered.  They knew/remembered where I lived and what my profession was.  One remembered my name, the other didn’t, but impressive nonetheless.

Trying to wake Erik up for this tournament was pointless, so I went and played by myself.  The tournament is fun, the dealers get out a lot of hands per level and the competition was decent.  I finished 5th again, and it paid out to four places.

Another reason to play is that they have satellite tournaments for WSOP seats.  Unfortunately for me, they were starting on the day that I left for home, continuing all this weekend.  They had a 33 dollar tournament, with the top two or three getting entry into the weekend 330 dollar tournament, with the top prize being a 10k seat at the main event.

7) Drive Home

Our third party member, Sandra drove us home.  I got to doze a little while she navagated us home safely.  All in all, it was a great use of 24 hours.  Plus, go see the movie.  Mike Tyson is great for his minimal screen time (5< minutes)

One Response to “Reno 911”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    LOL,”stabbed in the back” Never heard that before, but its better than “don’t stand behind me I’ve been raped before”.
    Digg Reno riff raff. Nothing like it. Except maybe the want-to-bes in South Lake.

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