E’s song of the day

June 18, 2009

Happy Thursday readers!  Forgive me for failing to post yesterday.  I got back home from our mini-vacation to Reno with an hour to spare before work and I chose to spend that time away from the internet.  A brief recap of the vacation.  Steve, Sandy and I drove up Tuesday afternoon.  Steve and I played a little cheap no-limit tournament at the Cal Neva.  I finished third but the tournament only paid out the top two.  In fact, I would have made my money back if the douchebag who finished second had agreed to a modified chop of the winnings to include a third player (a suggestion made by the dude who ended up winning, when there were three of us left.)  Horrible poker players everywhere.  The dude who won consistently called raises to play great hands such as 85 off-suit.  But you know your boy E milked that little tournament for as many free drinks as possible (at one point I was pre-ordering a second drink as the waitress was handing me a first).  We left feeling pretty energized and went to get our 2-dollar-Tuesday bowling on at the Grand Sierra Hotel and Casino.  Played a couple of games there (I bowled mid 130’s – not great, butdecent given how long it’s been since last I bowled), drank several brews, met a guy at a bar who didn’t want us standing behind him because he’d been stabbed in the back (Steve bought him a drink), played some $5 blackjack (I broke even after about 20 minutes of play – and another drink) then rolled back to our hotel (The Atlantis) and crashed sometime between 3:30 and 4.  I was going to join Steve for some morning poker at Harrah’s but, shockingly, didn’t feel like getting up for the 10am start.  Steve finished 5 in a tourney that paid the top 4 (another series of rough beats, I hear), we grabbed some Sonic (for the second time in 24 hours) and left town around 3ish.  All in all, an excellent little vacation (the only thing missing was a little romance for your boy E, but every night can’t be perfect, I guess).

And now, to the song of the day.  As has become customary when I miss a day you’ll get a double-dose of tune-age to make up.  First, you’ll be happy to hear that I’ve found my favorite new poker-playing music.  I guarantee you’ve heard their stuff before even if you don’t recognize them by name.  I now celebrate their entire catalog and am happy to share a jam with you.  There’s a decent chance you’ve even heard this particular jam.  First song: Gotan Project – Diferente.  enjoy….

And now, for something completely different.  Because I can pick whatever I want and I love these fucking guys.  Jam two: Tenacious D – Kyle Took a Bullet for Me.  Rock on….

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