E’s song of the day

June 15, 2009

Forgive my absence yesterday; I had a long day of work and came home to find we were having company over, hence no jam.  I have, however, been thinking about this segment since yesterday, and have devised a little 3-song rock-block to help fill that void.  There is a new radio station in the Bay Area (well, not really “new” but an old station, 103.7 – formerly KKSF soft jazz, is now 103.7 “The Band” playing all your favorite classic rock hits) and, like most new stations, they’ve been playing a huge chunk of music commercial-free so I’ve been getting a healthy dose of classic rock as of late.  I heard today’s second jam on this radio station and it reminded me that I have the CD for the VH1 Behind The Music, documenting this group’s saga.

so much rocking out from one little disc...

so much rocking out from one little disc...

The first jam today is one of my favorite Jefferson Airplane grooves.  I came very close to dropping “Somebody to Love” but decided I’ve heard it already one too many times (as if the jam selected in its place has been under-played?).  The debate coach at Southwestern College in the San Diego area (I guess technically Chula Vista) does an absolutely PERFECT rendition of this jam (which I’ve seen now performed both Karaoke and with live musical accompaniment).  And who can forget that classic bathtub scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? First song: Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit.  Enjoy….

This second jam (the one I heard on the readio yesterday) was featured more recently in the movie Crank, starring Jason Statham.  It’s a soft, mellow ballad, but was the highest reaching hit on the billboard charts for the group under the moniker “Jefferson Starship.”  Jam two: Jefferson Starship – Miracles.  Classic….

Last, but certainly by no means least, the evolution of the group produced “Starship.”  This is where their influence in popular media began to intersect my life in real time.  The classic Starship jam “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” was featured in the movie Mannequin – a film I’ve seen many, many times (and a personal shout-out to my boy Ronin here.  He knows why…).  But, of course, I couldn’t choose that particular jam to represent Starship in this segment.  No no no, my friends, it had to be this ultimate classic that’s probably about Los Angeles but which also contains a specific reference to that foggy little West Bay city in which your boy E spent half of his childhood.  Final jam today: Starship – We Built This City.  Enjoy….

One Response to “E’s song of the day”

  1. guenivere said

    Great choice – White Rabbit was my ring tone for quite awhile, though I would get some interesting looks when it went off.

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