Should U$C get off easy by firing Coach Floyd?

June 10, 2009

How about an emphatic NO!!!

How can we let USC get away with paying players, agents, mamas, cousins, baby daddy’s, and anyone else with their hand out. ‘SC thinks that by forcing coach Floyd out of his job will be enough to ward off the NCAA. It shouldn’t and it won’t. We’ve seen this all before. Not 10 or 20 years ago. But only 3 years ago when their football program was on the hot seat for paying Reggie Bush and Co. How they got out of that one, Houdini would be envious. And Floyd did not act alone. As Mike Rosenburg points out here.

I want to get my $'s worth O.J.

I blame AD Mike Garrett. I’m sorry Bro,  but you gotta go. You let this happen. You can’t say you didn’t know. And if you didn’t that’s worse. Stop passing the buck and just buck yourself. Did the pressure get to you. Or did you just think you could get away with it if you turned your back. Personally I hope Floyd spills the beans. He’ll have time to write a tell-all b/c dude will not have a job. I hope he tells the whole story of how you looked away and allowed Floyd and Carroll to buy players. What a shame you are. But you know what I’m not even gonna end it with you, Garrett.

Carroll and Garrett.

The entire school should be on trial. The U$C culture breeds this type of behavior and should feel guilty and embarrassed. ‘SC and their win at any cost attitude must go. The way the students and alumni prance around L.A. with an air of entitlement. Rich kids driving daddy’s new Merc. The Paris Hiltons of the world. I’m rich and I can do whatever I please attitude. Private school arrogance. “I pay 50k/yr for my education.”

Well I say enough!!! You can’t buy yourself out of this one. Take all their scholarships, and give the students a LA library card, a latte and be done.

O.K., we can keep a few Trojans.

2 Responses to “Should U$C get off easy by firing Coach Floyd?”

  1. Erik said

    Oh Ronin. How sad that you seem so frustrated with the horrific performance of baby bear athletics that you have to lash out with unsubstantiated accusations. That’s hurtful, bro. There is simply NO EVIDENCE of the loss of institutional control.

    Oh, and not all of us are dripping with wealth or take on this air of superiority that you charge us with. Those girls are really hot though, and they all look like that at SC. I think you’re just jealous…

  2. Ronin Storm said

    Tsst don’t give me that…Don’t even give me that.

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