E’s song of the day

June 10, 2009

I’m working late night tonight, so I have a bit of time now to break you off with today’s jam before I will be unable to later (ugh, that sounded like an abuse of the English language, but I’m a bit out of it and, hence, will not be correcting).  As promised yesterday, I’ll be taking a brief departure from the R&B tunes of the past few days and moving genres.  I wouldn’t really consider this band “old school” but again perhaps “old school for me.”  They formed in the early 90’s and have sprinkled hits across the charts since then.  I was introduced to this native California crew back in ’96 and have been a pretty big fan ever since (especially of their early work).  I had serious trouble deciding on just one (or even just two) of these guys’ early songs (from their debut album Motorcade of Generosity). Ultimately I picked two that I thought typified their funky alt rock/indie style.  Today’s first jam: Cake – Jolene.  Enjoy….

The second jam was my very first exposure to the band.  Jam two: Cake – Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle.  Enjoy….

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