That’s the shit that got me MAD! The death of David Carradine

June 5, 2009

This video, done in 1998 is the gensis of the new posting title, “That’s the shit that got me mad…”  This will be a new forum for us to air our grievances.

The thing that got me mad was thinking about the death of David Carradine. Fox News talks about his death.

Those cancer sticks will do you in....there is no need for anything else

Those cancer sticks will do you in....there is no need for anything else

David Carradine was found hanging in his Bangkok Hotel room on Wednesday. With his death still under investigation, a source close to Carradine told Tarts that the actor had been struggling with financial concerns but did not think the 72-year-old actor would have ever even considered taking his own life.

The source says Carradine desperately reached out to some friends in the business that he hadn’t been in contact with for quite some time just weeks ago, asking them to do whatever they could to help him boost the bank balance.

First, the shit that got me mad is, “Why is the source talking to the paper?”  Do you think that your “friend” (a term that I will use around here loosely) would want you talking to the press, EVEN IF the things that you alledged are true?

Probably not.  That shit got me mad just reading it.  There are only two potential answers for this, either an accidential death, or an intentional one.  Let’s start with intentional.  IF he meant to do this, then you have to either be not right in the cabeza, or going through tremendous grief or struggles.  Money issues are one thing, but he is an actor and his brand continues to sell.  Money can’t be a cause for him (Obviously, I am not a Dr.  or even playing one on this blog.) deciding to pull the plug.  The source thinks that this is true as well (Although what do you really take away from a source that would most likely violate trust to do this article?)

“David had been trying to make some fast cash doing personal appearances and things,” said the source. “It was a rough year for him, and he was a big spender and always in debt, but he wouldn’t have killed himself over finances. He wouldn’t have hung himself, that was too much effort. His ego would never have let him do that.”

Most actors, athletes or politicians have to possess some ego, since that is what drives them to accomplish what they do.  This leads us to an accidental death scenario.  This also dovetails with some other shit that got me mad, the death of Mike Tyson’s daughter, Exodus.  Entertainment Weekly reports

The side of Mike Tyson very few people got to see....that of a father figure...

The side of Mike Tyson very few people got to see....that of a father figure...

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter, Exodus, has died after an accident on an exercise treadmill at home in Phoenix, Ariz. A spokesperson for the Phoenix police released a statement confirming that she was pronounced dead at a hospital at 11:45 a.m. today. Exodus Tyson had been on life support after she was found yesterday by her 7-year-old brother with her neck on a cable. The family has issued a statement: “We are grateful for the tremendous outpouring of love and prayers from all over the world. There are no words to describe the tragic loss of our beloved Exodus. We ask you now to please respect our need at this very difficult time for privacy to grieve and try to help each other heal.”

This shit got me mad because of the fact that Tyson gets so much hatred in the media. He has been very low-key and out of the limelight recently, until this happened.  This completely overshadows the steps that he has made to improve his life and must be a spirit killer.  I have never met Mike, but the things that I have heard people say about him (also people who have never met Mike) say some outlandish shit about him.  Hopefully, this one time, you can just say, “I’m deeply sorry for your loss…”

But, back to David Carradine.  If it was not intentional, then it was accidental, like Exodus Tyson.  Hopefully, it was not in pursuit of pleasure.  E! Online speculates…

Did David Carradine pull a Michael Hutchence?

Like the INXS singer, whose mysterious 1997 death in a Sydney hotel was believed to have been related to a sexual fetish gone wrong, police in Thailand are focusing on the possibility that the star of Kung Fu and Kill Bill may have accidentally killed himself while engaging in autoerotic asphyxiation.

Autoerotic asphyxiation is a practice whereby a person intentionally cuts off oxygen to the brain for the purpose of sexual arousal.

A representative for the Bangkok Swissotel’s Nai Lert Park hotel told E! News that a maid found the 72-year-old actor’s naked body hanging in a closet in his luxury suite. Now, investigators quoted in the Thai news site the Nation are revealing that there was also a rope tied around his genitals.

“The two ropes were tied together,” Police Lt. Gen. Worapong Chewprecha told reporters. “It is unclear whether he committed suicide or not, or he died of suffocation or heart failure.”

I am not mad that he is potentially engaging in some freaky acts, you just need to have your (or a) sexual partner there for backup, in case something goes horribly, horribly wrong.

David Carradine was a big part of growing up, since I grew up watching Kung Fu. Wikipedia does the honors of what the show was about.

Kung Fu (1972-1975) is an American television series which starred David Carradine. It was created by Ed Spielman, directed and produced by Jerry Thorpe, and developed by Herman Miller (who was also a writer for, and co-producer of, the series). David Chow (actor) (and later Kam Yuen) was the technical and kung fu advisor. A full length feature TV movie preceded the series.

Kung Fu follows the adventures of a Shaolin monk, Kwai Chang Caine [虔官昌 Qián Guānchāng] (portrayed by David Carradine as an adult, Keith Carradine as a teenager and Radames Pera as a young boy) who travels through the American Old West armed only with his skill in martial arts, as he seeks his half-brother, Danny Caine.

Keye Luke (as the blind Master Po) and Philip Ahn (as Master Kan) were also members of the regular cast.

Now, some shit that got me mad (for another time) is that Bruce Lee was not given the part, since he was awesome.  But, I don’t hold that against David Carradine, since it was a case of right time, right place.  Wiki again goes into deatil about the casting choice.

Herbie Pilato, in his 1993 book The Kung Fu Book of Caine: The Complete Guide to TV’s First Mystical Eastern Western, commented on the casting history for the series, particularly on the involvement of both Carradine and Bruce Lee:

Before the filming of the Kung Fu TV movie began, there was some discussion as to whether or not an Asian actor should play Kwai Chang Caine. Bruce Lee was considered for the role. In 1971, Bruce Lee wasn’t the cult film hero he later became for his roles in Fists of Fury (1971), Enter the Dragon (1973), and Game of Death (1978). At that point he was best known as Kato on TV’s Green Hornet (1966-1967) (Kung Fu guest actor Robert Ito reports that Lee hated the role of Kato because he “thought it was so subservient”). “In my eyes and in the eyes of Jerry Thorpe,” says Harvey Frand, “David Carradine was always our first choice to play Caine. But there was some disagreement because the network was interested in a more muscular actor and the studio was interested in getting Bruce Lee.” Frand says Lee wouldn’t have really been appropriate for the series — despite the fact that he went on to considerable success in the martial arts film world. The Kung Fu show needed a serene person, and Carradine was more appropriate for the role. Ed Spielman agrees: “I liked David in the part. One of Japan’s foremost Karate champions used to say that the only qualification that was needed to be trained in the martial arts was that you had to know how to dance. And on top of being an accomplished athlete and actor, David could dance.” Nonetheless, grumbling from the Asian community would have made sense, given the fact that major roles for Asian actors were almost nonexistent. James Hong, an actor on the show and ex-president of the Association of Asian/Pacific American Artists (AAPAA) says that at the time Asian actors felt that “if they were going to do a so-called Asian hero on Kung Fu, then why don’t they hire an Asian actor to play the lead? But then the show went on, we realized that it was a great source of employment for the Asian acting community.” In fact, Hong says, Carradine had a good relationship with the Asian community. (pages 32-33)

The man was damn good in this role and I am thankful for his contributions, since cable was yet to be invented at the time.  R.I.P. Shaolin Monk

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  1. Ronin Storm said

    “As quickly as you can remove the rope from around your neck & balls”
    “When you can it will be time for you to go.”
    “If you can’t it will time for you to go!!!”
    Kwai Chang Caine just didn’t pass the final test.
    no really LOL
    stomach hurts LOL
    good thing I don’t believe in hell or karma

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