E’s song of the day

May 30, 2009

Good morning readers!  It’s the weekend, but I could still only sleep in until 10 (this stupid “work” thing has got me incapable of sleeping for marathon time-lengths).  Lucky for you, though, I don’t work until this evening, so I’m able to actually hit you off with a post to get your day started right.  Steve and I are watching Pro’s vs. Joe’s on Spike TV, and it got us talking about Michael Strahan and his foray into the world of television.  I mentioned his new sitcom, coming to Fox this fall, called “Brothers.”  We just watched an extended preview for the show, and I would say it received a mixed reception.  It does feature the brilliant acting of Carl Weathers and CCH Pounder as Strahan’s parents, along with popular wheelchair-bound comedian Darryl Mitchell, as brother “Chili.”  However, somehow this killer combination doesn’t seem to manifest itself into a non-stop laugh riot.  We’ll see what happens, but I’d be surprised if it makes it past the first season.  If you’re interested in checking it out, I suggest visiting this page (just to watch the video and decide for yourself).

Alright, back to the lecture at hand.  In sticking with my theme of attempting to hit you off with some artists new to you, so I decided to dip into my reggae pool to bring the freshness today.  I was introduced to Eek-a-mouse several years ago after a couple of my roommates saw him perform for a new year’s concert in San Francisco (I’m thinking sometime in the 2002-2004 range).  They hyped me to his music and I’ve been a fan ever since.  Today’s particular jam is a hot one.  Just keep in mind when listening (and/or watching the accompanying video): we at Too Old DO NOT condone the consumption of illicit substances for recreational use.  However, if you have a State-legal prescription issued by a certified doctor, I guess that’s okay.  Today’s jam: Eek-a-mouse – Ganja Smuggling.  Enjoy….

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