E’s song of the day

May 28, 2009

Another day on the grind, and I have work at 5am tomorrow out in Livermore, so I’m gonna be brief tonight so that I can watch the hoop game on tape delay before I hit the sheets (of course I said that, but now, an hour later, I’m still editing this post).  In keeping with the theme of artists you may have never heard , I’ll be dropping some very “unique” tunes today.  WARNING: THERE IS A DECENT LIKELIHOOD THAT YOU WILL NOT ENJOY THIS MUSIC.  Thankfully, this musical segment is mine, so I am in the fortunate position of not having to give a fuck whether you like my shit.  Frankly, I’d be shocked if any of you have enjoyed every single song I’ve featured on this blog.  This would make your music taste as diversely ridiculous as my own, which would mean you and I need to hang out a lot more.  But back to the topic at hand: the song of the day.  One could describe this guy’s genre as “punk rock” but perhaps some odd combination of punk, metal and synth pop would be a more accurate representation.  Either way, if you can get passed the grating, nasally vocals and find your way to the absurd lyrics, it’s always a fun listen.  I’ve decided to provide two songs by this artist to give you a couple of opportunities to fully appreciate his work.  I had a pretty hard time finding places online to link up the songs I wanted, and I had to just go with the two that had the best sound quality.  If you enjoy these tunes, or are more curious about the artist I would suggest picking up his 1997 album, “A Society of People Named Elihu” – a great album – or visiting his website.  First jam: Atom and his Package – Happy Birthday Ralph.  Enjoy (forgive the weird video.  the important thing is just to listen)….

There were a couple of jams I would rather drop in this second slot (or perhaps even two to replace the ones presented today) but I couldn’t find suitable copies of “Goalie,” “Me and My Black Metal Friends,” “No Way DNA,” or “Jenny S” to name a few.  I did, however, get this jam, which must, in fact, be the most popular track from the aforementioned album.  Second jam today: Atom and His Package – Punk Rock Academy.  Just let this happen….

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