E’s song of the day

May 22, 2009

Sorry to be out of touch for a litlle bit.  I’ve been working more crazy hours, 12-hour shifts etc. so I’ve been a bit out of it by the time I got home.  I’m off for 24 hours now, so I’ll do my best to break you off with hot jams with a bit more regularity.  (special note: I think I must confess here that I’ve actually been home for about an hour now, and have consumed several tasty beverages *cough* 7 and 7’s *cough* during said hour.  Given that this is my first little break from work in about a week, I’m feeling a bit perked and, hence, concerned about my coherency on this blog).  Earlier today I was thinking about tonight’s post, and I had thought that I had selected a good duo of songs for you – a pair from two genres that have been fairly under-represented on this segment.  However, I popped one of my classic (and by classic, i just really mean songs that I was all about in the late nineties) hip-hop mixes into the stereo in the ride and by track three I knew an adjustment to my original line-up was necessary (ugh, I hate the passive voice…sorry).  Today was pay-day for your boy E, and I’m finally feeling I have a small bit of stable financial footing.  When this song came on the mix, I knew it was ideal to express how I feel.  Jam one: Bone Thugs N’ Harmony- First of the Month. Enjoy….

The second jam takes a dramatic turn in both style and sound from the first.  I heard this song on an episode of “In Treatment” a few weeks ago and it made me think that I haven’t played any classical music for you listeners/readers.  This particular track is a favorite of mine and I’m happy, tonight, to share it with you.  Jam two: Chopin – Raindrop Prelude.  Enjoy the evening (I know I will)….

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