L.A. Clippers win the NBA Lottery coupled with Diabolical Hater of the Week: The National Collegiate Athletic Association

May 20, 2009

Waiting for the Laker game yesterday, we started with the Lottery.  The Lottery is for all the other teams that didnt make the playoffs to dream about the possiblity of being good.

The popular consensus is Blake Griffin is the top pick.

But, would he be the top pick in a free market system?  The NCAA has a built in indentured servants in college players.  Unlike tennis, golf and baseball, you must go to college for at least one year before becoming eligible for the draft.  Even though the Clippers have this guy,

they may think about going with this guy

But they can’t…

The reason is the first three sports are not revenue generating sports for the university, and basketball and football are.  Oscar Robertson makes the point of  how the interest of the school is weighed when making these decisions.

Oscar Robertson on talk of a minimum age limit in the NBA: “I would say this – what about the kids going to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan? Do they go at 18? They do. Yep. That answers that question then. I think what you see now is some talks that may have gone on between the NBA and NCAA about keeping stars in college so the colleges can make a revenue off of them.” Sports Radio Interviews

Wu-Tang had it correct…

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