John Wall chooses Kentucky!

May 19, 2009

I play in the most competitive fantasy basketball league in existence, the WCL, or West Coast Love.  The league was a labor of love, created by a group of friends who represented the best parts of the Bay.

Now, the league is stretched across the country, from LA to Virginia.  It is still a way to keep up with your homies and talk trash at the same time.  One of the players in the league is a UK fan. He was born there, went to UK (but has a dark secret that I will reveal here on the board…he started at the University of Louisville!!!) and got his degree from there.  So, he loves UK basketball and always has.  So, I love to get his shorts in a bunch by ragging in UK.  The easiest move is just to immediately go for the Rupp is racist card.

Rupp allowed Sports Illustrated writer Frank Deford to stand in the Wildcats’ locker room at halftime. Deford said he was stunned by Rupp’s racist halftime exhortations.

    “He said, ‘You’ve got to beat those coons, ‘ “ Deford said. “He turned to (center) Thad Jaracz. ‘You go after that big coon.’ . . . He talked that way all the time. . . A chill went through me. I was standing in the back of the room, and I looked around at the players. They all kind of ducked their heads. They were embarrassed. This was clearly the type of thing that went over the line.”

This spectacle left a lasting impression on Deford, who apparently has used the incident to judge Rupp and the program in their entirety. “It was there that Deford first became aware of the virulent racism that still existed in the Kentucky program.” (by Michael MacCambridge, The Franchise, Hyperion (1997) pg. 146.)

Despite what Deford conceded was adverse reaction by the players and a feeling that this was not normal behavior on the part of Rupp, Deford saw fit to scorn Rupp as a person and the program as a whole for the outburst and view it as a natural part of Kentucky basketball.

It finally has gotten a little more even, since I am rooting for the local CAL Bears for basketball.  CAL basketball is finally making another run at respectability in the eyes of the nation.

We had a discussion about recruiting, and with the Coach Cal move, UK basketball has been really humming along with the recruits moving from Memphis and the talk about the crown jewel of the 2009 recruiting class, John Wall.

Now, comes the news that college basketball is going to be rough for us non-UK fans.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Sources: Wall picks Kentucky

2 Responses to “John Wall chooses Kentucky!”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    I thought we would have at least a few years before Kentucky would challenge for a title but with coach Cal behind the wheel they just may drive straight to the F4 next year. Think of all the kids who passed on Memphis b/c it’s a dump. Now they have the full backing of the state.
    Now I gotta watch out for UK. F*CK!
    Maybe my Bruins can squeeze one out next year.
    It’s gonna be a wild ride.
    One potential pitfall may be the inevtable clash between coach Cal telling his one and done players they MUST turn pro vs. Happy the booster/the fans/the Governor/even Ashley Judd telling them to stay longer. Who will give in?

  2. Steve said

    Your Bruins better watch out for CAL! I would say USC, but Floyd is about to be fired, and they lost most of the team. Early on, I say UCLA, then CAL in the Pac 10,followed by Washington, with USC fighting with an improved Oregon and Stanford for four.

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