E’s song of the day

May 19, 2009

We’re all gathered at the house (no Jason, obvi) for some commiserating and watching the Lake-show take on the Nuggets.  I worked a 12-hour shift today, so I’m a little beat.  I actually had a decent time on the job today, in spite of the lengthy shift (but hey, 4 hours of overtime, fool!) and monotonous duties.  I met a couple of chill people who shared this monster work-day with me, and we had a better time than I would have had if I’d worked it solo.  Either way, I’m a bit tired, so I’ll just be pulling a jam off of the special list I keep for songs destined to appear on these pages.  I actually recently accidentally deleted this list, so I’ve only very recently begun the move to reconstruct said list.  Nonetheless, it’s still already about ten tracks deep.  Another track that Steve and I heard listening to XM radio in his whip, this jam was one that got REPEATED, SERIOUS BUMPING in my ride back when I was in high school.  I had this album and was constantly repping it to anyone I thought might be unaware of how tight this crew was.  Just the presence of Nas in this  would be, alone, sufficient.  Nas is an undisputed top ten, naw, fuck it, top 5 MC in the hip-hop game 9yeah, I said it, what!). Add in my girl Foxxy, rapper AZ and the producing skills of none other than the Doctor himself (Dre, that is) and you have the makings of some hot shit.  Todays jam: The Firm (Nas, AZ and Nature) – Phone Tap.  Bump it!

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