E’s song of the day

May 16, 2009

I was rolling in Steve’s whip this afternoon coming back from a little middle school debate tournament in San Jose, and we were listening to XM radio when the TI and Justin Timberlake jam “Dead and Gone” came on.  I wouldn’t say either of us are necessarily really feeling that particular jam, but it did spark a brief discussion about TI and his impending prison time.  It seems now like he may have to serve more time in jail than we had previously surmised, and Steve referenced a lyric from today’s jam to demonstrate a point.  Just the mention of the lyric instantly took me back to when this song first hit the scene and we were regularly slow-rolling in the ride bumping the speakers out the box.  Well, maybe not that exact scenario, but I was working with a few buddies at a high school debate camp out in College Park, Maryland (at the University of Maryland).  We had a few CD’s that seemed to be on heavy rotation in the camp rental car and the Jadakiss album was one of those few.  Good, crazy times, a sweet, soulful hip-hop track.  Today’s jam: Jadakiss ft. Anthony Hamilton – Why.  Enjoy….

One Response to “E’s song of the day”

  1. Steve said

    Why do niggas gotta do 85 percent of their time?

    Too Bad T.I., I thought that you were going to do a collabo with Wyclef, gone til November part 2

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