I hereby challenge PUMA to a debate MyIQ1/2xU, I am directly looking at you….

May 15, 2009

Man, if debate was this easy, I would have never lost a round.

This photo, taken at the 1969 National Debate Tournament is of Rich Lewis (left), Coach Larry Tribe (center), and Joel Perwin (right) from Harvard. Coach Larry Tribe, himself a national debate champion, from 1961, from went on to become a famous constitutional law professor and supreme court advocate: arguing 34 cases before the Court, including Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. 438 (2001).

This photo, taken at the 1969 National Debate Tournament is of Rich Lewis (left), Coach Larry Tribe (center), and Joel Perwin (right) from Harvard. Coach Larry Tribe, himself a national debate champion, from 1961, from went on to become a famous constitutional law professor and supreme court advocate: arguing 34 cases before the Court, including Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. 438 (2001). Look at the Big Board. One tradition in debate that is kinda cool

maybe that is why I didn’t win… I didn’t go and conquer Law School, even though I had a bunch of opportunities.  I will just have to take solace in my speaker award at the NDT and making it octos like it was my job in CEDA.

So,  as part of my of daily reading, I read the Confluence, a PUMA group blog run by RiverDaughter that is on wordpress as well.  I disagree with some of their methods ( like the 51 percent solution of picking a woman over a man based on gender) but I read what they have to say to process their message, agree with some, and disagree with a lot.

Seemingly, the only person that I have a problem with is a clown.  No, really, I have a problem with a clown.  This guy is a 40 something male who I recently found out is from Merced, CA.   Based on his ID, he really has a problem with how people see him and measure his intellegence.  His ID is MyIQ2xU.

There is no need for cheap shots at all.  Just measure the speaker and the words spoken.  Here is how his “post” starts out..http://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2009/05/15/id-rather-have-the-plagues-of-egypt/#comment-345675

This “sleepy Central Valley city” is my hometown. If you count the unincorporated suburbs Merced is well over 100,000 in population, which is about four times the size it was when I was growing up. These days Merced is probably better know for meth labs than cow pastures.

I happened to be downtown the day Arnold’s caravan stopped for coffee at one of our three Starbucks. I was so excited I went into the used bookstore across the street and scanned the shelves for books by my favorite authors while I waited for my heart to stop racing.

I went to school with Cary Stayner, which some of you might think explains a lot. His younger brother Steven was kidnapped by a pedophile and held for 7 years before being found and returned to his family. They made a television movie about that.

Michelle Obama isn’t the biggest celebrity to ever visit Merced. President Jimmy Carter, Vice-President George H.W. Bush, the late Senator Robert Kennedy and George McGovern all gave speeches in Merced.

Merced is also the hometown of game show hostess Summer Bartholomew, who won the 1975 Miss California and Miss USA pageants. (you didn’t see the “Miss California” thing coming, didja?)

Michelle Obama is far from being the “biggest thing to happen” in Merced. Back in the seventies Ike and Tina Turner gave a concert at the fairgrounds, and the Goodyear Blimp visited the airport several times. Heck, we even had Phyllis Diller perform at our county fair one year!

Here is what I said in a comment back to the blog post.

The first lady coming to Merced IS A BIG DEAL.


First Lady Michelle Obama’s Saturday commencement address at the University of California, Merced, will trigger an estimated $1.1 million in business for the hard pressed area.

“Obviously, it’s a welcome windfall,” Merced Development Manager Frank Quintero told DailyFlotus at PoliticsDaily.com after tallying up the dollar impact of Mrs. Obama’s visit. Mrs. Obama’s daytrip is an anticipated bonanza for hotels, restaurants, gas stations and retail establishments. A local carwash is getting extra cash detailing three cars expected to be used in Mrs. Obama’s motorcade.

Plus, as someone who worked at and attended the CSU and UC system (Davis, SFSU and CSU Hayward), the notoriety and revenue for Merced is good.

Finally, how do you think that the first lady found her way to the sleepy town of Merced?

the work of the students who attend the university…

UC Merced spokesman Tonya Luiz said that before Mrs. Obama agreed to speak at graduation ceremonies, between 2,000 to 2,500 guests of 500 graduates were expected. After Mrs. Obama was persuaded by a group of students to keynote the commencement, the school opened the event to the public and now up to 12,000 will attend.

“When else would the average person in Merced, California see or hear the First Lady?” Luiz said.

While its always okay to joke, but joking about you would rather see a KNOWN WOMAN BEATER like Ike Turner is somewhat disingenuous with being a beacon for woman’s rights… pop the top for more…

So, instead of arguing the points, he takes the loser way out and goes all elementary school on me..

myiq2xu, on May 15th, 2009 at 6:51 pm Said:

Were you born a dipshit or did you have to study?

First of all, most of the people coming here for tomorrow’s event are doing so to watch their family members graduate, not to see MO. The rest already live locally.

Since Merced is a freeway town the local motels are usually full to capacity on the weekends anyway. I doubt that the minimum wage employees at Barbour Car Wash will be that enthused over their windfall earnings from detailing three cars.

The musical act was “The Ike and Tina Turner Revue” and all I said was that their concert was a bigger deal than MO’s visit. I’m surprised you didn’t call me a racist too, since Phyllis Diller is white.

Don’t bother responding, you’ve worn out your welcome here.

I think that he really thought that my feelings were hurt?  Dawg, don’t worry, I read you with particular interest, because I get tremendous joy out of reading your drivel.  I see this dude is just like his avatar.  Here is who this dude reminds me of…

Dont worry MyIQ1/2xU, Mrs. Cleaver is not around, so you can go back to your usual self...

Don't worry MyIQ1/2xU, Mrs. Cleaver is not around, so you can go back to your usual self...

While I am not going to knock your hustle, you should work on your game more, since it doesn’t seem to be working for you. And oh, by the way, like the Clipse, I am kinda like a big deal.  Do your homework…

For fun, I went to crush out your sorry ass argument.

So the article is lying?

The article states  that there is a class of 500 people graduating in the first UC Merced class.  It goes on to state that 12K MORE are coming DUE TO the first lady.

And I wore out my welcome why?  Because everything I say is not in lock step with what you say?  I have not insulted YOU ONE TIME.  Yet, you call me a dipshit.  tell me what I did to you to cause you to lash out at me.  I dare you to find one post that has ad-homs like yours.

BB was the one who said that she would rather see Ike and Tina…I was responding to that comment and I stand by it.  Someone who says Ike and Tina are bigger are SUPPORTING A KNOWN WIFEBEATER

What have I said that was so out of pocket to get banned?

But, I don’t expect to get an answer, because you have already shown to be a gestapo like ruler when people don’t fawn over you.  I guess you know more about the economy of Merced than Merced Development Manager Frank Quintero.  I think for once, I am going to trust the DM over a guy hiding behind the clown mask.

I put a challenge out to you.  Prove me wrong on anything that I said to you on the Confluence.  I dare you…

To give you something to groove to, I have some Can I Bus… and the answer is yes…

Wake up MyIQ1/2xU! You been knocked the FUCK out!  In a rhetorical sense…

Feel free to reply or don’t because unlike you, we are not afraid to school you in rhetoric.  At Too Old, that is our JOB!  Bring your tissue though, because we WILL hurt your feelings…

3 Responses to “I hereby challenge PUMA to a debate MyIQ1/2xU, I am directly looking at you….”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    Was Jason the hipster a contributor?
    Ha ha

  2. Erik said

    That’s my bike punk!

    Oh Confluence, when will you ever learn that ad homs are only effective when you can actually back them up with substantive arguments? This clown sounds like a real class act…

  3. Steve said

    Here is a snippet of an article that furthers my point…

    Local hotels may have fared the best.

    Julie Benavidez, front desk manager of the Comfort Inn in Merced, which has 65 rooms, had to turn away some guests Friday and Saturday.

    “We did 100 percent both nights,” Benavidez said. “I think (Michelle Obama) helped Merced out a lot.

    Steve Patel, general manager of Best Western in Merced (42 rooms), was also 100 percent full both nights, and he also had to turn people away on Friday.

    “We did fine,” Patel said. “It’s good for Merced. All over America now, people know about Merced. Now Merced has a good name, because of that one reason.”

    Benavidez said hotels in Madera also experienced full occupancy. Other chains referred customers to Turlock and Modesto.

    Official numbers to determine the full economic impact of the first lady’s visit won’t be available until quarterly numbers are released in August or September, economic development manager for the city, Frank Quintero, said.

    Even so, “I would, with confidence, say that we achieved the $1.1 million” target for local business sales above average weekends, Quintero said. “I can tell you the downtown merchants are very happy.”

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