E’s song of the day

May 11, 2009

Hey people, sorry for the delay, but I worked back-to-back graveyard shifts so my sleep schedule has been a bit out of whack.  I’ll be back on a more normal work tip for the next few days, so things should return to business as usual.  I’ll give you two very different jams today.  The first song  was featured most recently in the movie “Role Models” which we watched for the third time the other night (still funny as fuck.  If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out.  Classic lines include: “it’s not you, I just hate having dinner with people”).  The song also just kinda rocks on it’s own.  Jam one: Kiss – Love Gun.  Rock out….

The second song is one I had on this dope-ass mix that I bought about a year ago.  I found it while digging around in my car the other night, and it has all sorts of gems sprinkled throughout the mix.  Seriously, this song is MY JAM.  I also noticed it is featured in the movie “The Wackness” – a piece of real cinematic genius, also already repped on this blog.  Jam two: LL Cool J – Around the Way Girl.  Enjoy….

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