Dumb Niggas: William Roberts finds a way to win with the help of XXL magazine….AGAIN!

May 11, 2009

I disagree William, I think that you do have a credibility problem

I disagree William, I think that you do have a credibility problem and the sooner you address it, the quicker you can continue becoming not relevant


This is an open letter to you.  You need help and we here at Too Old are here to help in any way we possibly can.  I know that you need attention.  Who doesn’t crave it?  But the way that you are going about it will only hurt in the end.

50 already killed you…it might be best if you just stayed hidden or better yet dead.  I mean with lyrics like these

SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! We don’t wanna hear your mafia tough talk
That fake fuck boy shit don’t fly in New York…

its better to keep quiet and have people think that you are ignorant, than to open your mouth and prove them right.  50 lyrically destroyed you and whatever is left, Tia is going to get.

At least you have been honest about one thing.  The deposition records that 50 got a hold of seem to be true upon further reflection..  When you were telling them that you were not spending all that money, you were right.  You were buying your family bootleg gear.

Now, comes the letter that XXL received and put on their website to put you on blast.  When will it end?  It will end whenever you want it to, but you can’t go around trying to floss if you don’t have it.  I looked at the Forbes list for richest African Americans, and I didn’t see you on it.

When 50 Cent isn’t taking baby mothers shopping at the Gucci store, and cleverly assassinating the character of Florida rapper Rick Ross, he’s making trips to the bank.

According to Forbes magazine, Curtis Jackson is the second highest-earning African-American superstar, with an estimated earning of $150 million. This places him behind Oprah Winfrey and in front of movie mogul Tyler Perry.

Most of the rapper’s earnings were raked up by the $100 million sale of Vitamin water. Last year he outearned your favorite rapper on Forbes “Hip Hop Rich List” with a whopping $100 million. Jay-Z came in second with $82 million. Diddy came in third with $35 million.

Then, the XXL Editors received this letter from Louis Vuitton concerning the May 2009 cover of Rick Ross.

Dear Editor:

We were dismayed to see the cover of the May 2009 issue of XXL Magazine, which features a photo of Rick Ross wearing a pair of sunglasses prominently featuring counterfeit Louis Vuitton trademarks. Because the photo has generated considerable confusion among your readers and Louis Vuitton customers among others, we feel it is important to clarify several points.

The first is that the sunglasses Mr. Ross is wearing were not made by Louis Vuitton, and in fact, are counterfeit. Louis Vuitton did not grant permission to Mr. Ross or to whoever did make the sunglasses to use our trademarks. The second is that no affiliation, sponsorship or association exists between Rick Ross or XXL and Louis Vuitton. The third is that counterfeiting is illegal.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to correct the confusion.


Michael D. Pantalony, Esq.
Louis Vuitton Malletier

P.S.  Have a nice day!  William, they are killing you.  Hopefully this will get to you in time for you to make some changes in your life.  If we can do something to help, please, just let us know…

The Management of Too Old

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