E’s song of the day

May 8, 2009

Your boy E has the day off today (sort of.  I technically worked for 5 hours today) so I’m lazing around the house.  I just paid a few bills,worked on fashioning a grocery list for an impending run to Safeway, and am now watching the Magic-Celtics hoop game (fuck the Celtics).  Last night was a long-ass night, but I was able to catch the tail-end of the NCAA men’s volleyball national semifinal between last year’s champ – Penn St. and my USC Trojans.  I had already joined the 3% minority of voters on ESPN streak for the cash in picking my Trojans, but the boys in cardinal and gold got it done in 4 games to set up an all-California NCAA Championship game.  As a dude with two volleyball playing siblings, it was exciting to watch the Trojans play at such a high level of excellence.

On a completely different note, I heard this jam on the radio a couple of days ago while rolling home from work and it made me realize I need to find a sugar mamma or at least a girl who’s got her shit taken care of.  I can’t be no Captain Save-A-Hoe (at least not right now in these rough economic times….).  This song is also just real legit as well.  Today’s jam: Ne Yo ft. Jaimie Foxx and Fabolous – She Got Her Own.  Enjoy….

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