Fake “Rick Ross” William Roberts, your 15 minutes of shine are up…

May 7, 2009

First,  you attempt to go hard at 50, but maybe you never heard the NY street anthem that NY rappers live by…

This is Papoose of course, (killing the Jay-Z beat)  but the message remains the same.  If you are soft, you are going to get crushed out.  50 did that to you.  Your rap game is not relevant and like we said, the real Ricky Ross is coming for his name and your ass.  You  are cruising to get the fatback cut off you and made into bacon.

Scenes like this happen when you promote your album

Is this in the 70s? Or is he the Times Square Ball?

Is this in the 70's? Or is he the Times Square Ball?

What about if I offered you some William Roberts Snacks?

What about if I offered you some William Roberts Snacks?

Even with a street team and organization, its all over the web that it was a failure.  Sure, you had the number one album, how could you not with the amount of airplay and collabos you did ( John Legend, why?)

This is going to work against you.  Sir Isaac Newton said it best when he said: “What goes up must come down”. While he was referring to an apple falling from a tree, the same principle can be applied to William Roberts’ rap career and his album sales.

From BallerStatus.com — While Bob Dylan scores his fifth no. 1 on the Billboard 200, others are descending down the rankings, starting with Rick Ross.

After landing at no. 1 last week, Rick Ross’ latest album Deeper Than Rap dove to no. 4 this week, selling 51,000 copies, a 67% decline from last week’s numbers.

Outside the top 10, we have a new album from Mike Jones. The Houston rapper returns after a four year hiatus with The Voice, taking a seat in the no. 12 spot with nearly 25,000 copies sold in its first week.

Two spots later, at no. 14, is Asher Roth’s Asleep In The Bread Aisle. The debut album from “I Love College” rapper sold over 23,000 copies in his third week, putting his total at 88,000.

At no. 16 is Keri Hilson’s In A Perfect World… with 23,000 copies; Jamie Foxx’s Intuition sells another 22,000 copies to put him at 885,000 after 20 weeks; Beyonce’s I Am … Sasha Fierce jumped up a spot to no. 19 with 20,600; and Jadakiss’ Last Kiss rounds out the top 20 with just over 20,000.

Debuts outside the top 20 include Midwest rapper Tech N9ne’s new collabos project Sickology 101, which opens at no. 23 selling almost 19,000 copies.

However, according to a report from HipHopDX, SoundScan made an error. Tech’s label Strange Music released numbers claiming they actually sold 21,455, which should put them within the top tier.

According to Billboard.com, overall album sales in this past chart week (ending May 3) totaled 6.172 million units, down 0.6% compared to the sum last week (6.176 million) and down 18.3% compared to the same sales week of 2008 (7.557 million).

Year to date album sales stand at 124.0 million, down 12.5% compared to the same total at this point last year (141.8 million).

The worst part about it is that 50 already predicted what would happen.  A 67% decline is significant, no matter what your definition is failure is.  The second week should not see such a precipitous drop in purchases.  Lets look at the second verse of Tia Told Me…

SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! We don’t wanna hear your mafia tough talk
That fake fuck boy shit don’t fly in New York

William, what do you have to say to that?  A drop of 2/3 in the buying audience is an overt message that the consumer is not trying to hear what you are rapping about.  Could it be the fact that you are the police?  Probably…
You wanna listen to Joe? You wanna listen to Khaled?
Fine, I’ll just fuck everybody up while I’m at it
First, It’s We The Best, then it’s We Depressed
After this shit flop there like damn We Stressed
We a mess he’s not the nigga to test
It’s ninety degrees out here and we gotta wear a vest

When was the last time you heard from DJ Khaled?  That’s right, when 50 had his boys sneak into your MOM’s business and they caught her asleep and had video of it.  If you are not stressed about the fact that your album will not be platinum, and will struggle to reach gold, then you are cooler than I thought.

Call me crazy go ‘head call me crazy
Me and your baby mama ‘gon get intimate maybe

Imagine how she felt when she seen how I lived
When I use the intercom to find niggas in my crib

This one just has to burn you up.  I KNOW you saw the video of 50 flying your baby mama (no, not the one in the porn video, which he bought and was distributing on the internet) up to NYC with her girlfriend and saw him just lavish gifts on them.  The fur shopping burned you up I bet.  Plus, you KNOW how 50 lives. (pop the link to see inside shots)

The perforated thug (reformed) had big plans for renovating his home, including asking Louis Vuitton to plaster the interior walls of the behemoth with the brand’s signature LV logo, according to some reports. It would take MTV Cribs at least two episodes to cover the details of Fiddy’s hotel-sized home. There’s a recording studio, a handball court, a casino, two billiard rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, five Jacuzzis, a screening room, and indoor shooting range—and, in what’s surely an homage to Steve Martin in The Jerk, a full disco with a wall of 20 televisions.

Here is a description of your house in FLA. Click here for pictures

The rapper lives here. This home was featured on “MTV Cribs”. He purchased the 4,771 sq ft residence in June of 2008 for $1.25M, according to Broward County records.

Size isn’t everything, but you are claiming you are the biggest bawse this far?  That is ringing kinda hollow when I see where you put your head down to rest…

Hey! I’m the biggest boss she seen thus far
My money comin in the mornin so I’m up with Russ Par
Early in the mornin turn your radio on
50 bout to come on, you missin the joint

So, he murdered you and may you rest in peace.  P.S. Quite trying to come at him our Trick Daddy.  Going after people when you are a known liar will not get people into your corner.

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