The Road to Redemption: Tony Dungy visits Mike Vick in jail

May 5, 2009

We get  caught up in a lot of other discussions, but one reason why we started blogging was to talk about sports.  One of the many discussions we have are centered around the Raiders, the Blogs favorite team.

Even with that draft, we will still be rooting for victory!

Even with that draft, we will still be rooting for victory!

Before that draft that I really will never talk about, I proposed that the Raiders should draft Mark Sanchez, if he fell to them.

Not so much because I wanted him as a QB, or that I have fallen out of favor with “the Chosen One” JaMarcus, just that he could be great trade bait, or as a threat to the job/light a fire under JaMarcus.  Either way, I wanted the Raiders to get something out of it.  They could deal Sanchez for some extra picks, or use him to motivate J.Russ to lead us to some wins.

While that didn’t happen, we got Jeff Garcia as some insurance as a backup QB.  He is a local guy, so again, I think that this is a good signing.  I really wanted Micheal Vick as the backup.

I still have a sense of humor though...

I still have a sense of humor though...

according to

Michael Vick met Tuesday with former Colts coach Tony Dungy at the federal prison in Leavenworth, Kan.

“I can confirm that Michael met with coach Dungy,” Vick’s agent, Joel Segal, said. “The discussions were private, but the meeting was very positive.”

Vick met with Dungy to discuss his life after he gets out of prison. He is scheduled to leave Leavenworth May 20 and serve the remainder of his sentence under home confinement at his five-bedroom home in Hampton, Va., with his fiancee and two of his children.

His sentence ends July 20, and he will be on supervised probation for the next three years.

Once he leaves Leavenworth, he will work 40 hours a week at a construction company in Hampton, making $10 an hour.

Vick pleaded guilty to a federal charge related to funding a dogfighting operation, and was suspended indefinitely by the NFL in August 2007.

Vick is hoping to return to the NFL this fall. Commissioner Roger Goodell, who suspended him indefinitely, will meet with Vick later this summer to discuss whether he can go back on the field. A meeting with a respected figure such as Dungy could help his return.

John Clayton is a senior NFL writer for

The thing that totally gets at me is that PETA is scanning the headlines in order to use the Vick thing to their advantage.


Remember when they attempted to force the NBA to legislate leather basketballs out of existence? Anyone who has ever played the game, from elementary on up will tell you about the feel of a basketball in your hands when you shoot. The move to the synthetic ball was a dismal failure and they scrapped that after a year.

This is what happens when you listen to outside influences that do not have the best interest of the sport at heart. If Goodell listens to PETA it will be a big mistake. PETA does nothing that will effect your bottom line. Your sport is healthy and nothing they do can help improve that. Even if they had pull, its so limited, it cannot be measured.

Go to and see them advertising big leather coats.

Raiders...Come out and PLA -AY!

Raiders...Come out and PLA -AY!

How do you think PETA feels about that? Or the Leather footballs that Vick will run/throw/catch? Haters will just look for reasons to hate. Ignore them and they go away… Bye PETA!

Even with spotting Vick haters and dog(s) the fact that they are loyal companions and the fact that they are great pets and additions to the family, at the end of the day, they are animals. Plain and simple, they lost the evolutionary war with humanity.

Culturally, people eat dogs. That is a fact of life. Can we make a large “T” truth statement that eating dogs is wrong? I eat Beef. What about someone who was/is Hindu? They would be repulsed at my dietary habits. But, we deal with it and move on.

Mike Vick financed a criminal conspiracy that led to the death of a lot of dogs. He will never be able to escape that label. But what people need to get over is that this is not the death of a human. We MIGHT see our pets as people (since they provide unfettered support and compassion) but this is similar to horse racing ( this is cruel and see how many horses that they have to put down at the track) factory farming (look at sticking 100 chickens in a cage built for ten) or the wearing of fur.

The way that it went down is cruel, but their death just doesn’t carry the same weight. It can be a view into his personality (maybe he is a cruel guy) but there is no causation that will lead to him killing a person, like Leonard Little or put our lives at risk like Jared Allen.

Finally, Roger Goddell is the commissioner, not the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Regulate actions on the field and worry about getting another CBA. Vick should be given a chance to continue his career.

Also, the fact that is lost in the story is that if Vick is meeting with someone so respected as Dungy AND Dungy agreed to it, this has to be a sign that Vick is serious about getting back into the league. That is a good first step to surround yourself with someone that has the ear of the league and his word matters. Its like basketball players who hook up with John Lucas.

Support units matter and the inclusion of Dungy as council can only be spun positively.

One Response to “The Road to Redemption: Tony Dungy visits Mike Vick in jail”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    All will depend on Vick. If he comes out with a chip on his shoulder then he will not play. But if he begins to act like an adult then playoffs.
    BTW, what did Dungy say?
    Also hopefully J Garcia will not be our backup but our starter. Then playoffs.

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