E’s song of the day

May 2, 2009

I’m chilling in Kentucky (no, not for the Derby) at the Tournament of Champions (high school debate, people, recognize!) but I’m done for the day and back at the hotel for a hot minute, so I can hit you off with a couple of jams (gotta atone for missing yesterday – crazy travel etc.).  They’re literally minutes away from the 135th running of the Kentucky Derby so I’ll keep things short and sweet.  Speaking of sweet, I was inspired by the last SOTD (Next – Too Close) to relisten to my cassette copy of The Nutty Professor Soundtrack – a great collection of works, including today’s first jam.  For the ladies (I love you, girls): AZ Yet – Last Night.  Enjoy (Note: the video is a little out of synch, so ladies: just close your eyes and think of your boy E) ….

The second jam I have on some random bay area DJ mixtape (I rep a variety of local DJ’s including, but not limited to: The Oakland Faders, Dj Eleven, Dj Ayres, DJ Neil Armstrong) and then I heard it again on the radio a few days ago, so you know I had to make a note to share its genius with my favorite people.  Jam two and then the horses run.  I’m rooting for General Quarters – the obvious feel-good favorite.  I had been backing I Want Revenge but that late scratch forced me to make a last-second swap.  Either way, this race, for me, is really just an appetizer for tonights Main Events: Chicago-Boston hoops (get it done Bulls!) and the Pac man (My Guy!!) – Hatton (Jason-the-hipster’s guy) fight.  But I digress.  Jam two and then I’m out with no real promise to get at you for a jam tomorrow during the madness that is this weekend.  Ray, Goodman and Brown – Special Lady.  Enjoy….

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