“You won’t believe what Tia told me…Officer Ricky..!!!!” Rick Ross is a cheap bastard

April 30, 2009

How did this chick get with Officer Ricky?

How and more importantly why did this chick get with Officer Ricky?

This is how you get your hustle on.

We all know that 50 KILLED Rick Ross.  There is only Officer Ricky now.  Tia Kemp, his babys mama begins to spill the dirt on William Roberts.  The truth comes about about Officer Ricky and his pettiness.

I looked at my watch, it was 4:30pm on January 21, 2009, the day I had been waiting to come for eight months. It was the day of the deposition in the child support case I had filed against the father of my third son, William Leonard Roberts Jr. also known as the big-time rapper (not the notorious drug dealer, don’t get them confused) Rick Ross.

Here is the story of the “Real” Rick Ross.  William, I would be ready to make a deal with Ricky Ross for stealing his life story.  Just because you call yourself something, doesn’t make it true.  Countless times here at Too Old, we tell you, “Gloss is to be earned, you don’t get to make it up yourself….” A nickname is something that someone else bestows on you, you don’t get to make one up and hope it sticks, which is what William did. Wiki breaks it down…

I wouldnt want to fuck with this man.  Even now, I do not doubt he could have me or you killed with a phone call

I wouldn't want to fuck with this man. Even now, I do not doubt he could have me or you killed with a phone call

Ricky Donnell Ross (born May 3, 1960), also known as “Freeway” Ricky Ross , is a drug trafficker best known for the “drug empire” that he presided over in Los Angeles, in the early 1980s.[1] The nickname “Freeway” came from Ross owning several properties along the Harbor Freeway.[2] During the height of his drug dealing, Ross claims to have made “2-3 million dollars a week”.

In 1996, Ross was sentenced to life imprisonment after being convicted of trying to purchase more than 100 kilograms of cocaine from a federal agent. Ross became the subject of controversy later that year when a series of articles by journalist Gary Webb in the San Jose Mercury News brought to light a connection between one of Ross’s cocaine sources, Danilo Blandon, and the CIA as part of the Iran-Contra scandal.[3] The decision in Ross’s case was brought to a federal court of appeals where his sentence was reduced to 20 years. His sentence has since been reduced further for being a model prisoner and he is currently scheduled to be moved to a halfway house in California in March 2009,[citation needed] and to be released on September 29, 2009.[4]

You better be ready…someone is getting out and you might have to answer to higher ups about your “theft…”

AllHipHop.com: You’ve mentioned having spoken to Rick Ross a few times before, what were the conversations about and what did you take from them, as far as his character? Did you ever implicitly say you were not okay with him using your name?

Freeway Ricky Ross: The conversation was basically about him using my name. The first couple of times he talked real cool. I really couldn’t talk to him the way I wanted to because all my phone calls are monitored and I was under investigation at the time. But I told him it would be best that we have a sit down. He [explained] to me how he picked my name and that he definitely owed me. He said that the first thing he did was mention my name on a record. And when he did that people’s ears perked.No I never told him it was ok to use my name. I told him I wasn’t trippin but we needed to sit down and talk. Cause I would never be involved with a Millie Vanilli. I built this name to what it is today to where I can go to any prison in this country and get saluted.

Here is where William really goes sideways and cements the fact that he has a death wish. He goes and calls the REAL Rick Ross a snitch…lol…

AllHipHop.com: You also mentioned the artist Rick Ross going as far as calling you a snitch. Did you see that coming?

Freeway Ricky Ross: Yeah he did an article in the Ozone Magazine. No I never thought he would call me a snitch. That’s a serious jacket to put on somebody. And from what I did,150 soldiers got out of prison. It was cops that was planting drugs on innocent people and I had no problem taking them down. But I can understand why he don’t like cops to go down. (emphasis added by me…because Freeway Ricky Ross made a tight, slick joke…) You can read the rest of this interview here

Now, we are ready to hear the story that Tia is going to tell.  She has provided some excerpts of her book about the biggest boss correctional officer in the rap game.

I had started this battle against William 17 months earlier after our tumultuous four-year relationship filled with passion and pain. My lawyer Ileana M. Almeida had spent the last eight months trying to get Will’s lawyer Allan Zamren to make Will do the deposition for the case. They’d canceled two times already so I was surprised that William had finally showed up and was glad we were gonna to get things going. Ever since he’d become a celebrity, Will had been a different person. That mixed with his touring and promotions schedule and the life of a rap star is what made it so hard for anything in the child support case to move forward. His attitude also made things difficult.

William, why you got attitude now? You “make” so much money from dealing weight, how are you not going to break off your kid?

It was a long and frustrating day. From the beginning Will was nervous and uncomfortable and so was I. For over six hours with a short lunch break in between, Ileana drilled Will and she covered a lot of ground. As the day went on the cagier he got. His partial financial records we had been given made no sense and as Ileana asked him to explain certain items, Will would refuse to elaborate. He claimed in his financial affidavit he spent $50 a month on clothing total yet I knew Will was a clothing and sneaker freak, always buying himself and Lil’ Will the newest gear. The baby had new Gucci sneakers every month. Ileana had a list of Will’s charges at the Gucci store, and other clothing stores and brand name chains for thousands of dollars at a time and William would explain that it was his mother and sister using his card to shop, not him. When Ileana asked him about the expense of his custom diamond chains, pieces and jewelry, Will swerved around the questions saying he didn’t buy anything, it was either his boy Gun Play’s jewelry or it was promotional stuff he got from jewelers, that he would swap out. Even the custom diamond piece of his actual face. Who would want to swap that? He wouldn’t say what he paid for one piece of jewelry. The affidavit said Will spent $200 a month on food. I know how that man ate, $200 wasn’t gonna make a dent no matter how much McDonalds he said he ate.

The book sounds like cross-examination 101.  She seemingly got you on the ropes.  Unless your moms wears XXXXL, then those Gucci purchases are yours.  She also kills him on the Mickey D’s line.  How is 200 dollars going to get it done?  Maybe if you were talking that is what you spend in one session at McD’s.  Even if you are one of these…

You still will not be able to come in under 200 a month.  So, you just look like a liar, which you are…shame, shame…This is the reason to limit McD’s trips

I bet they are Officer Ricky fans…

I wont actually cop the book, but I will read the hell outta it when I go to a Barnes and Noble…

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