Michael Douglas and Oliver Stone reunite for Wall Street 2: Art imitating Life yet again…

April 29, 2009

When looking over the Financial Times, (yeah, I read it, what of it?  Ronin is the residential financial guy, but I read to understand what little my 453B is earning) I couldn’t help but to notice what the stock market is doing.  Our “Friend” Jason has gotten into the financial game and he talks about earning money for people.  He loves to celebrate his accomplishments and brag about getting million dollar accounts for his brokerage firm. (We will not mention them because they do not need your business)

The problem is that this guy is like Bernie Madoff…

He took so many people to the cleaners, it isn’t funny.  But, Jason idolizes this guy.  He says that he wants to become bigger than Madoff.  That is why the inside investor tip of the day is “PASS”… Jason says it as a joke, but inside, you can see him scheming on getting your hard earned loot…

Just insert Jason and you have the same premise of the joke...

Just insert Jason and you have the same premise of the joke...

Thinking about Madoff got me to thinking about G. Gordon Gekko, the fictional character that is played by Michael Douglas in the movie “Wall Street”.  This was a guy like Jason, that was out for himself only.  It didn’t matter who he had to step on, as long as he was the winner in the end.

The original movie was set in the 80’s, in the land of capitalism, excess and greed.

The synopsis of the movie is pretty simple…

An ambitious young stock broker is lured into an insider trading scheme by an unscrupulous bigwig financier.

The movie was a hit in 1987.  They were captivated by the exploits of Gekko.  Art was imitating life, because at the time of the movie, we had seen evidence of insider trading from the troika of Ivan Boesky – Mike Milken – Dennis Levine. They, just like Jason subscribed to the theory that if you are going to be a crook, then go all out and steal as much as possible…)

The movie was such a seminal work of art, they still followed the life of G. Gordon in the real world.

Simple answer....YYYYEEESSSSS!!!!!!!

Simple answer....YYYYEEESSSSS!!!!!!!

With Madoff serving the rest of his days in a cell, it is time to bring back the crew for a remake of Wall Street.

Oliver Stone in for Fox’s ‘Wall Street’ follow-up

Allan Loeb script pushes long-developing project forward

By Jay A. Fernandez and Borys Kit

April 28, 2009, 03:59 PM ET

Wall Street’s all the rage again — literally. And Oliver Stone and Michael Douglas have decided they have more to say about it.

Stone has just closed a deal with Fox to direct the follow-up to “Wall Street,” now tentatively called “Wall Street 2,” with Douglas starring. This would provide an unusual amount of continuity since Stone directed and co-wrote, with Stanley Weiser, the original 1987 exploration of the inner workings of the finance sector and its complicated relationship with greed.

The plot line for the new “Wall Street” iteration has not been divulged, but it will pick up with corporate raider Gordon Gekko, the character for which Douglas won a best actor Oscar more than 20 years ago. Gekko’s larger-than-life presence will once again loom over a younger upstart looking to navigate the shark-tank world of today’s Wall Street.

Shia LaBeouf is in talks with the studio to take on the younger role. Stone and Co. hope to begin production over the summer.

Allan Loeb (“21,” “The Baster”) was hired to rewrite the long-developing project in the fall and has apparently turned in a script strong enough to corral Stone, who reportedly was very cool to the idea of a sequel. Ed Pressman, who produced the original film, is producing the follow-up as well.

The CAA-repped Stone most recently directed the biopic “W.,” and before that helmed the Sept. 11 disaster drama “World Trade Center,” which itself was a kind of tragic bookend to “Wall Street’s” greed-is-good mantra. The new “Wall Street” project, with its up-to-the-minute placement in the context of the current global financial mess, should provide Stone with an ample palette for his typically provocative cultural commentary.

The Endeavor-repped Douglas last starred in the 2007 comedy “King of California.” He co-stars in “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,” which opens Friday.

LaBeouf, who is repped by Endeavor and Crosby/Spilo Management, next stars in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” which will be released June 24.

One Response to “Michael Douglas and Oliver Stone reunite for Wall Street 2: Art imitating Life yet again…”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    Jason does think he is Gekko. Except he is just a plain ol’ Bud Fox about to lose clients dough. Plus Gekko liked Nagel’s and Jason enjoys hipster art.

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