Blame it NOT on the rain, definitely NOT on the ah-ah-ah-alcohol, but on the refs: This was an intentional foul that cost the Bulls a chance of winning the game and the series against the Celtics

April 29, 2009

This is not the reason why the Bulls lost last night..

This COULD be the reason, but I don’t think so…

But this seemingly had a direct and proximate cause to the Bulls losing

Of course the REAL members of the Too Old crew (minus Ronin, who was out getting hammered and networking…not necessarily in that order) gathered around the 70 inch TV to watch this game.

This was a real back and forth affair that had us on the edge of our seats.  We even played some video games to give the game some time to advance. (If you are not up on this, this is the shit!  If you have TIVO, then this works.  Record the game, or use the pause button.  Allow thirty minutes to pass.   Start watching the game…now you get to fast forward through the commercials.  Careful…if you use the pause button, make sure that you do not change the channel.  This includes dropping the remote and accidentally changing the channel too.  IF you are worried about this, then just record the game and you will not risk this issue.   )

With the game a see-saw affair until the end, we were screaming at the TV as though they could hear us.  Paul Pierce hit some clutch shots towards the end, as did Ben Gordon.  The game should have been sent to another overtime when Rondo fouled Brad Miller.  This should have been an intentional foul.  (Which would have been shots and the ball, or if Miller needed medical attention, and he did, then Del Negro could pick the shooter not Doc Rivers, the opposing coach.

The picture above proves, but look at the video yourself…

Here is what John Hollinger has to say

Let’s start with the foul seemingly everyone is talking about, the one by Rajon Rondo on Brad Miller at the end of the Chicago-Boston game. Bulls fans are up in arms. Rondo prevented a tying layup by slapping Miller upside the head, about the most blatantly obvious flagrant foul you could commit, yet the zebras called it a normal two-shot foul. They didn’t even huddle about it.

Even the Celtics could hardly hide their amazement. “It was a great foul by Rondo,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. “You always talk about playoff basketball, no layups. Rondo did it on the very last play, and it won the game for us.”

Sure, it was a great foul — in 1982. Nowadays, it’s supposed to be outlawed. Rivers may be right on that last point, though. After being knocked woozy by the foul and getting medical attention on his mouth on the sideline, Miller missed the first free throw. He pretty much had to take the shots because if he hadn’t, the Celtics would have had their choice of which Bull to shoot the ball. Hello, Aaron Gray.

If the foul had been called a flagrant one, on the other hand, Miller could have signed off for the night and let coach Vinny Del Negro choose any Chicago player as his replacement shooter. Almost assuredly, the fill-in would have been Ben Gordon, who shot 86.4 percent during the regular season and has made 85.9 percent of free throws in his career. Gordon would have given Chicago about a 75 percent probability of tying the game.

That is not a guarantee of the win, but it makes it that much more likely that a positive result would come out of the play

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