Dumb Niggas…A Weekly Expose

April 27, 2009

One of the new features that I am going to debut is a category called Dumb Niggas.  Now, I am going to have to defend the use of the term and I am okay with it’s usage.  A Nigga is just a stupid indivual.  If you use the entire term N I G G E R, then you are looking to get your ass whooped.  Some of you white people might wonder when can you use it.  I have attached an instructional video for you to watch..

If you are wondering who that character is in the picture at the top of the story, wonder no more. This is Jim Jones.  Besides being a rapper, he also has an extensive rap sheet.  While you might say, “Duh Steve, he is a rapper…don’t all rappers have a rap sheet?”  I would tell you that this rapper is dumber the most, which was the beginning of this category.

Jim Jones played three roles on Tuesday: defendant, rapper and actor. The head of Harlem’s Dipset crew pleaded not guilty to assault charges in criminal court, then topped off the evening with a performance of his play, “The Hip Hop Monologues.” The rapper, best known for his single “Flying High,” was charged with assaulting Ne-Yo’s manager, Jayvon Smith, in December. “Court was humbling,” he told us. “It was another message to me to reevaluate the things I’ve been doing and how I’ve been handling situations.”

Now, I know that judges like to hear this type of contrition.  But, they are also looking for remorse over your actions and when you hear what he did, you will question whether or not he really learned his lesson…

Jones’ play features scenes in which he apologizes for many of his past mistakes, like his involvement with drugs. But has he learned his lesson? The rapper tweeted on Twitter during his trial, “I’m late 4 court wit marajuana eyes” and “sittin in court wit a pocket full of weed.” No wonder Jim told us after his show, “I’m feeling good. I gotta smile.”

Dumb Nigga.  Yeah, again, I said it.  You really are going to advertise that you are coming to court, after just smoking a blunt?  And, you are going to cop to having a bag of weed IN THE COURTROOM?  That is a nigga with no common sense.  But, it gets better.  Check out Jim Jones in an interview…

I recently interviewed Jimmy about the play while sitting on the lip of the stage, and toward the end of our talk, I asked him how he felt about Obama’s victory. Since Election Day, every conversation I have eventually turns to Barack Obama and our emotional reactions to this American epiphany. Jim confessed that the election inspired him to drop the word “nigga” from his vocabulary—where it was a nearly ubiquitous presence—and replace it with “Obama.” He gave me a few examples: “What up, my Obama?” “Yo, did you see them Obamas last night?” “Now that’s a real Obama.”

“Now that’s a real Obama.”

This is why niggas Obamas can’t have something nice, because other niggas Obamas wil fuck itup for everyone.  Really?  This is what took us so long to have our first black president and Jim Jones and the like will be the reason it will take a long time to have another one.  I know people are just laughing at him and you should too…

One Response to “Dumb Niggas…A Weekly Expose”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    Steve, thanx I want to see this feature continue. It will help me prepare for a post Obama world. I think it’s time we begin to face the inevitable. When Obama is gone, either term(s) is up or THEY get him like the attempt in Mexico with Swine Flu, things are gonna change for the worse.

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