Raiders on the clock (2009 edition)

April 25, 2009

I can’t believe it’s been a year since chilling at Steve’s old pad getting our live-blogging of the draft on.  But here we are, and again, the Raiders are on the clock.  We had been secretly hoping that Sanchez would still be available so that the Raiders could gain some major negotiating power by making a play at him.  As it is, the possibilities open up a bit with him going to the Jets at the 5 spot.  The Raiders could use help in a variety of spots.  I would be happy with any of a few dudes at this spot, but, alas, I think Davis is gonna pull the trigger on Jeremy Maclin of Missouri because of his top-notch speed and kick returning capabilities.  If we’re gonna take a wide receiver I really hope we’ll take Crabtree, but I think Al has his heart set on Maclin.  I could even be okay with an Orakpo, Cushing (one of my Trojans) or Raji, but those seem outside chances at best.  Shit should be popping off in a few minutes.  I’ll get back atcha….

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