E’ song of the day

April 24, 2009

Once again I had a weird late, late shift, so I missed yesterday’s song.  As a result you will get another double-shot of tunes today.  I’ve been thinking about the genres that have gone unrepresented still on this daily segment, and yes, it’s time for a little Country.  I’m not ashamed to say it: I like Country Music.  I’ve been a fan for about ten years now, and though I don’t listen regularly, I have my waves of greater and lesser appreciation for the genre.  As I said, I’ve selected two songs for your listening pleasure today, one that is an older favorite of mine, another I just heard on the radio last night and enjoyed very much.  Both songs feature big names in the world of country music.  First up, from his debut album in 1989:  Garth Brooks – If Tomorrow Never Comes.  Classic….

Like I said, this second tune is one I heard on the local country western radio station here in the bay area (95.7, the wolf).  This dude isn’t quite Garth Brooks, but he’s a pretty big name in country nonetheless.  Second jam: Brad Paisley – Then.  Enjoy…

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