E’s song of the day

April 19, 2009

Another long day on the clock, followed by another tomorrow to make it 6 in a row (don’t actually have a day off until Wednesday – so, soon to be 7 in a row).  I’ve been getting in a greater habit of listening to the radio these past few days to and from work.  As such, there will now be a few songs from the charts to help remind you what people are listening to out of your little privileged music bubble (as supplied by your’s truly).  There are a couple of songs that i’ve heard so much on local hip-hop stations (94.9 KYLD and 106.1 KMEL) that I can’t even bring myself to drop one of those on you (“Blame It” by Jaimie Foxx and T-Pain, and “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga come to mind here).  Today’s jam has been getting a decent amount of play but doesn’t currently find itself in the top 20 playlists of either of the aforementioned stations. It does, however, use a Romanian Pop track (as part of the backbeat) that became an internet sensation when some fat dude lip-synched to it on his webcam.  Oh, and it features two artists, both whom have been featured heavily in recent entertainment media circles – neither with particularly “positive” publicity.  I’m a broke-down working man now, and it’s wearing on me, but you know I’m still coming strong for you with the hits.  Today’s jam: TI ft. Rihanna – Live Your Life.  Enjoy…

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