E’s song of the day

April 9, 2009

It was another good day for your boy E.  I finally officialy locked up gainful employment.  I signed the final paperwork and successfully passed my whizz test today, so it’s time to celebrate.  I thought for a while about what to choose for this momentous occasion and finally decided just to deliver a feel-good, light-hearted jam that’s been sitting on my list for some time.  I first heard this song on BBC radio one while hanging out in a dorm room at SUNY Stonybrook several years ago during what was the hotest August in Long Island on record.  Naturally my dorm room had no AC, so it was particularly hot.  This song came on and it made me laugh.  I made a note (I am pretty crazy when it comes to making random notes and lists about things like this, and I am constantly finding old scribblings of mine directing me to some tunes, a movie, a book, whatever) that I should track it down at some point and here we are, years later, with a little video to boot.  Today’s jam: Bromhead’s Jacket – Trip to the Golden Arches.  Enjoy…. (I learned that the proper number of periods for elipses is actually 4, not the 3 I had been using)

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