The Dangers of Technology: Child Pornography taken with Camera Phone

April 8, 2009

I am a person who loves most forms of technology.  If you have been reading recently, you have seen me rail against Twitter, MySpace and Facebook.  I don’t have them and I am not caught up enough in myself to think that the masses care what I am doing at this very second. (Wake up… I am blogging of course…)

One way that tech has gotten out of hand is technology.  I remember when phones where just that, a way to call someone else.  Now, with James Bond in mind, we have phones that can do everything.

I can also audition for American Idol... all from my phone!

I can also audition for American Idol... all from my phone!

But, phones are getting out of control.  In the hands of people, we can get in trouble with tech.  Even worse than the girl who put pictures of herself up on her MySpace account so her boyfriend could see them, we had some young enterprising Russ Meyers in the works.

I give that two hands up!  BTW, Did you know that Roger Ebert likes the dark meat?

I give that two hands up! BTW, Did you know that Roger Ebert likes the dark meat?

Who would have thought that Ebert had this in him?

Who would have thought that Ebert had this in him?

Police in Holbrook are investigating charges against three minors who allegedly created a video of two of them having sexual intercourse while the third recorded it, then distributed the video to junior high students.

I would and could never say that Child Porn is good. (Big Shocker there…)  But, can I big up the enterprising person who was like ” I gotta record this for the future!”?  This is one film that I DO NOT WANT TO SEE, but I can look back and think that I wouldn’t have done this.  ( The easy reason is that I would want to be the person enjoying carnal knowledge, not the person recording it.)

“The video depicts two minors engaging in sexual intercourse,” Holbrook police officer Keysha Mitchell said. She said the person recording the scene was also a minor.The video was then distributed among students at Holbrook Junior-Senior High School, police said, and the charges that may be leveled against the teens are serious as the forwarding of such a video, also known as “sexting,” is a felony offense.”Some of the kids involved could be looking at possession of child pornography, dissemination of child pornography. There’s also the possibility of statutory rape and if there’s any audio discovered on the video there’s also the possible charge of wiretapping,” Mitchell said.Police said the video was taken at a home, not at the school. The alleged victim, a girl under 16, told them she did not realize she was being captured on cell phone. She went to police with her parents when she realized the video was circulating.Police were planning to be in the schools for assemblies on the matter.

This is where I draw the line,  You can’t do this without the consent of all involved parties. Like this…

So, I wonder who is filming?

So, I wonder who is filming?

Meanwhile, parents in the community reacted to the situation.”All these new technologies and they seem to abuse them sometimes,” parent Chris Hawkesworth said.In the meantime, the district attorney will be deciding what charges to bring and police are asking for students who have received the video on their phones to bring it to police so it can be disposed of properly.They said they understand that parents want their children to have phones but advised that the video and photo-taking capability of the phones can be disabled to lower a child’s risk of being exposed to inappropriate material.

So, you can solve video making, but video taking (i.e. receiving the video) may be illegal, but you can’t stop them from getting the video.  Plus, if your phone has internet, you can send it that way.  That is not to count that they can send it to other phone with bluetooth.

Darn…foiled again.  Tech will kill us all…

One Response to “The Dangers of Technology: Child Pornography taken with Camera Phone”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    Our youngsters should be applauded. Cannot believe there isn’t more of this happening. We gotta look to the bright side. At least if the kids are ever on Maury we will have video.
    BTW, if the video had a plot, e.g. after school special parody, would it still be porn?

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