Irony defined…14 year old girl arrested as sex offender for posting explicit pictures on MySpace

April 6, 2009

The economy is looking like its going to rebound from the toilet!

The economy is looking like its going to rebound from the toilet!

Not that I need any more reasons to stay off social networking sites like MySpace or Facebook, but this one took the cake when I read it.  On today, you may think that we are kidding around, but there is no joking here…

A 14-year-old American girl may have to register as a sex offender after allegedly posting explicit nude photographs of herself on MySpace.

The New Jersey teenager has been charged with possession of child pornography and distribution of child pornography after it’s claimed she posted nearly 30 pictures of herself online.

Maybe you missed the story of the girl who recently killed herself when pictures that she took for her boyfriend got passed around school and town, because he had then on his camera phone.  Why did you need him to see the pictures so bad?  Young women, please do not fall for the childish games that young men play in junior high and high school.

This, unfortunately is where I would have to admit that if I was in high school and we had camera phones and such, I would have wanted and taken such pictures if she would have allowed.  The difference with me (which is not really saying much…) is that while I might have showed them to my buddies, I would have NEVER shared the pictures with others.  I would not be able to control who saw them and that would be horrible.  That is not much better than her ex, but it would not have been shared with the entire school and surrounding community.

“She wanted her boyfriend to see them,” said a New Jersey sheriff’s spokesman.

Social networking website MySpace has a team in place that monitors the posting of inappropriate images. The company would not comment on the New Jersey investigation.

If convicted, the girl could face up to 17 years jail although a harsh sentence is unlikely.

The arrest, which followed a tip from America’s National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, comes as prosecutors across the country pursue child pornography cases over kids sending naked photographs to each other by cell phones and emails.

The girl has been released into her mother’s custody.

I have a picture of the young girl’s mother…

What is my book club going to think?

What is my book club going to think?

The mother must be embarrassed beyond all belief.  “Why couldn’t you wait until you were 16 and appear on Girls Gone Wild under age like Elliot Spitzer’s call girl?  That way we could be rich.  Now, you are just a MySpace hoodrat…”

I feel the mothers frustration.  I know what the girl in question is getting for her next birthday, Kwanzaa or XMas (or other religious/non-religious end of the year holiday celebration.)

its about time to get you ready for work!

its about time to get you ready for work!

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