E’s song of the day

March 27, 2009

Ask and ye shall receive.  Our readers have requested a double-dose of punk rock and, since your wish is my command, I will oblige.  The weekend has landed, and for Steve it’s the start of spring break, so I’ll celebrate by hitting you off with not one, but two more punk rock songs to set your weekend off right.  Ronin and I were chatting about our favorite punk bands last night and I mentioned both of the groups I’m breaking you off with today.  The first is a group that I was introduced to by my buddy Jordan, lead singer and guitarist for the brief-lived punk group YTTH (or, Youth Takes The Headlines), a great punk crew which I saw perform live several times.  Anyway, he introduced me to this band with lead singer Mr. Chi Pig.  I struggled with which jam I wanted to play today (such good tracks such as “Rusty Rake” and “Reality is a Ride on the Bus” were in the runing down to the wire) but I finally decided on this little tune.  The first song today: S.N.F.U. – Joni Mitchell Tapes.  Enjoy…

SNFU – Joni Mitchell Tapes

Ok, song two, from what is probably my favorite punk band, even though they’re Canadian.  They have great, biting political commentary.  I must have listened to their album “Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes” a hundred times during the NDT week my junior year in college.  Today, however, I have chosen a song from their album “How to Clean Everything.”  This was very difficult, because there are several songs on this album that are some of my favorite punk rock songs of all time (yes, obviously the Dead Kennedy’s and the Misfits rule, but I connect with Propagandhi because they were making this music during a time in which I could appreciate the commentary). In fact, I struggled so hard with deciding, that I ultimately have made a last-second decision, even as I’ve been writing these words, to add yet ONE MORE song for your listening pleasure.  The first of two is for my Dad, who I know is an avid reader of the blog.  Thanks for listening.  Propagandhi – Hallie Sellasse Up Your Ass.  Enjoy…

Ok, last song now, for real, and then we will most likely take a break from punk rock for a few weeks.  This one seems just like classic Propagandhi to me.  A great example of their criticism of government.  I’ve also been thinking for years now about the use of music in inter-collegiate policy debate.  Some schools (such as last year’s CEDA Nationals champion Towson University) have begun to argue that we grant too much credence to ivory tower, academic intellectuals as being the sole authorities on the political.  As such, they have argued that using “organic intellectuals” would be an important means of broadening our horizons and could help shift the way we approach both debate as an activity, and politics in general.  This often manifests itself, in part, in playing hip-hop music as an example of this organic intellectualism.  I have always embraced this as a positive move for academic debate, and I think that other forms of music, such as punk rock,  also offer great organic intellectual criticisms of capitalism and/or state institutions.  This song is one such example.  Last jam today: Propagandhi – Resisting Tyrannical Government.  Kick off the weekend right!

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