Kim Kardashian and Complex expose…Why do we talk about her again?

March 26, 2009

Clearly, one of the most overexposed women in the game is Kim Kardashian.  I get so tired of hearing about her I could scream.  I don’t hate her or Reggie Bush, but why do we hear about her and not about the myriad of other famous relationships?  For the record, I don’t really care about the other ones either.

The only Kardashian that I am down with is this one…

Juice, if my wife re-marries, can you make sure she is taken care of....No, not like Nicole...

Wikipedia details why I am down for Robert Kardashian…R.I.P.

Kardashian and Simpson first met in the early 1970s and had become close friends. Kardashian had let his license to practice law expire three years before the Simpson case. He reactivated his license to aid in Simpson’s defense, as a volunteer on his legal team. Kardashian sat by Simpson throughout the trial.[1][2]

Now that is a true friend and homie.  He is out of commission, but he re-activated his license to practice, just so he could be near/next to his boy and be a part of the defense team.  That is what you want out of someone you call your friend.  A lot of people feel that they have a ton of friends, but you really don’t.  You have associates, but you do not have friends.  Most of the people you know would turn you in or abandon you in your time of need.

In the days following the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman, O.J. Simpson stayed in Kardashian’s house. Kardashian was the man seen carrying Simpson’s garment bag the day Simpson flew back from Chicago. Prosecutors speculated the bag may have contained Simpson’s bloody clothes and/or the murder weapon; However, a later examination of the bag revealed no evidence related to the criminal case.[1]

When Simpson failed to turn himself in at 11 a.m. on June 17, 1994, Kardashian read a letter by Simpson to the collected media. The letter was interpreted by many as a suicide note.[2]

Some time after the trial, Kardashian expressed doubts about Simpson’s innocence; The California bar later investigated.[2] Although this strained his relationship with Simpson at the time, by the time of Kardashian’s death they had “put it aside”. After his death, Simpson said, “Bob was there when I needed him most.”[3]

Bottom line, we had our issues, but when the bat signal was illuminated,  he answered the bell.  If you look for a visual definition of a friend, the OJ case brought examples of true friendship.

SNL did an interesting parody of the OJ trial

Terry Moran: But the real fireworks came on Friday, when long-time Simpson associate Al Cowlings finally took the stand.

[ dissolve back to the courtroom, A.C. Cowlings at the stand ]

Marcia Clark: Would you state your name, please?

A.C. Cowlings: [ yelling each time he’s asked a question ] I’m A.C.! You know who I am, dammit!!

Marcia Clark: Alright, I.. would you tell us your full address, please?

A.C. Cowlings: 2-1-3 Willowcox!! You know where I live, dammit!

Marcia Clark: Uh.. Mr. Cowlings! We’re in a court of law! There’s no reason to shout!

A.C. Cowlings: I KNOW there’s no reason to SHOUT, dammit!! I’m A.C.!

Marcia Clark: No further questions!

[ dissolve back to Terry Moran ]

Terry Moran: Finally, the week ended with Robert Shapiro’s meticulous questioning of the Simpson team’s own DNA expert.

[ dissolve back to the courtroom, A.C. Cowlings still at the stand ]

Robert Shapiro: For those of us who are layman’s, Mr. Cowlings, would you please explain.. what DNA is? A.C. Cowlings: [ yelling ] You KNOW what DNA IS, dammit!! It’s genetic information encoded on a double-helix!!

Robert Shapiro: Now, Mr. Cowlings, may I remind you we are on the same side?

A.C. Cowlings: I know..

Robert Shapiro: So, will you tell us what a double-helix is?

A.C. Cowlings: You KNOW what a double-helix is, dammit!! It’s DNA!! I’m A.C.!! AWWWW, man!!

[ dissolve back to Terry Moran ]

Terry Moran: At that point, Judge Ito called a recess, to allow prosector Marcia Clark to make it to the Viper Room in time to hear Kato Kaelin and Johnny Depp’s new band. I’m Terry moran for Court TV.

Now, getting back to Kim Kardashian, here is the latest issue

I am not a big deal.  There are thousands of other women who walk around and look better than me...

I am not a big deal. There are thousands of other women who walk around and look better than me... grabbed an unairbrushed photo of Kim Kardashian off the Complex magazine website.

The photo was apparently removed, as the photo gallery no longer includes that image.

Kardashian, famous for a sex tape with an ex and her family’s reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” on E!, appears thinner and with smoother, lighter limbs in the retouched.

Look at what you are known for… that is a damn shame.  You are known for Ray J breaking your back in a homemade porno, and that got you a show on E!, because of your fathers connection to OJ and that your stepfather is Bruce Jenner.

Here is what Kim had to say about it on her blog… Thanks to

Kim Kardashian faced controversy after Complex magazine posted a non-Photoshopped pic of her and then replaced it a few hour later — but she doesn’t care. “Everyone has been putting up these pics from Complex Magazine showing the comparison of the original un-Photoshopped photo that mistakenly was put up on,” she writes on her blog.

“Complex later replaced the pic with the photoshopped version, causing all of this drama. But you know what, who cares!” she continues. “So what: I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn’t!?” She went on: “How many people do you think are photoshopped? It happens all the time! “…I’m proud of my body and my curves and this picture coming out is probably helpful for everyone to see that just because I am on the cover of a magazine doesn’t mean I’m perfect,” she says before signing off “XO, Kim.”

If you were not exposed for a fraud, you would have been just fine with the continued worship of your faux-perfection.  To answer your question, a lot of women do not, and are curvy to boot.  It is called working out and doing squats.  That is how you get your legs looking right. Even a big guy like myself can have good looking legs because of all the squats I did during sports. (minus my beer gut of course…) Here is a normal woman getting her workout on and working the legs…

How dare (fill in the blank) leave me! I am going to overturn (his/her) car when I see it!

How dare (fill in the blank) leave me! I am going to overturn (his/her) car when I see it!

Why do you think that your calendar sells so well?  Most guys can see cellulite all the time at home on their girlfriends.  That is not the point.  You get paid to look great, so you should actually, well, LOOK GREAT!  We don’t need you if Photoshop is going to do all the work…

Peyton gives everyone of Too Old a Pep Talk…

Now, the cottage cheese is not the issue for me, its the face or grill piece.  It just seems very distinct, and I don’t mean that in a good way.  It reminds me of some old African artifacts that my Mom had around the house.

Find the one that looks most like Kim...

Find the one that looks most like Kim...

I guess I am tired about the amount of shine that she gets.  She is a media creation, similar to Paris.  Yes, I know that it is a double standard that I blog about her, but it’s only because I am so tired of her.  Her airbrushed body is tight, but since it is not really her, then whats the big deal?  I have already seen the goods at KimK Superstar, and that is not airbrushed… work out with your man Reggie and you will actually reach the perfection you are seeking, not on the computer..

One Response to “Kim Kardashian and Complex expose…Why do we talk about her again?”

  1. R2theD said

    As someone who personally knows, yes it is that bad. She will even have work done for images not published to the media.
    That’s how bad she knows it is.

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