The Dangers of Twitter: Broken Relationships, just ask John Mayer

March 24, 2009

I hate a lot of the new technology.  That may bring me closer to my parents when I was a kid, but some technology is so stupid, that it defies explanations.

Lucky in Life, unlucky in love is a mantra that Jennifer Aniston knows all too well.  Even with her best intentions, her man gets swooped on, or does something to cause the end of the relationship.  Some people aren’t meant to be caged in a relationship and she seems to be one in that group.

Visual way to understand Twittering and Tweet...

Visual way to understand Twittering and Tweet...

Back to technology…it stinks.  So many people around me have either joined the Facebook revolution or are fighting a losing battle to be connected with millions of other losers who want to know how people are feeling (like our boy on the Eagles) or wanting to leave a message on their wall.

Now maybe as a kid, I might have found twitter useful if I could do what this mother wants

Call me cynical, but I really don’t care about that. (Especially since I am grown and can do whatever I damn well please.)   If I need to know how someone is doing, then I pick up the phone and call them.  Calling is the thing that gets a lot of men in trouble.  We think that calling is something that we do when we want to talk.  Not talk about random things, but usually something specific.  Women, on occasion, want to talk about some irrelevant, inane things that drive us crazy.  Men, to keep your relationship going, just fall on the sword.  Listen to them and actually respond to what they are saying.  Don’t do this (or maybe do do this… depends on your situation…nothing here can be constituted as legal advice.  Anything that you do you your relationship is your fault, and yours alone…)

John Mayer should have listened to this advice.  His fascination with Twitter cost him his relationship with Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston dumped on/off boyfriend John Mayer over his obsession with the micro-blogging site Twitter, according to reports.

During the actress’s trip to Europe earlier this month to promote her new film Marley & Me, she was apparently infuriated when the musician claimed he was too busy to return her calls, but found time to update his Twitter page.

This is where I would say that Jennifer doesn’t know guys.  We dont like to be on the phone, and we like to talk sports. Chances are, she was not going to be dealing with the tournament or how her bracket is doing…Maybe she forgot, but this is March Madness.

The couple split last week after a rocky 11-month romance, with John writing on his Twitter page just days later ‘this heart didn’t come with instructions’.

Following the split, Jennifer has thrown herself back into work after relocating to New York to start on her new comedy film The Baster.

The actress was spotted looking stony-faced as she left her Manhattan hotel clutching a script on Monday.

That is good that you are throwing yourself back into your work, but if you are taking suggestions, could you make a watchable movie that doesn’t have my stomach in knots over how the hell I got dragged into another sucky movie? I hear Marley and Me is okay, but I have been burned before and I am very hesitant to jump back into the water…

Singer John, 31, is one of the most high-profile Twitter users and updates his page on a daily basis.

A friend of the 40-year-old actress said she was unimpressed he found time to write random ramblings on the site, but not to contact her.

A pal claimed in America’s Star magazine: ‘John suddenly stopped calling her or returning her e-mails and when she would finally catch up with him, he’d say, “I’ve been so busy with work. I’m sorry I haven’t had time to call you back.”

‘Jen was fuming. There he was, telling her he didn’t have time for her and yet his page was filled with Twitter updates.

‘Every few hours, sometimes minutes, he’d update with some stupid line. And in her mind, she was like, “He has time for all this Twittering but he can’t send me a text, an email, make a call?”‘

Simple answer… YES!  But, the real problem is that you kept him on the phone for too long.  A short conversation is always the best.  You can ask him how is is, what sights has he seen, did you see the Lakers?, bring me something back, and peace!  That is how you make a conversation for a guy on the phone…

The couple decided to end their romance just days after Jennifer returned to the U.S.

During her trip to London, Jennifer hinted at possible romantic problems as she told the Mail On Sunday’s You magazine it was naive for people to believe a relationship can last forever.

When questioned about the perfect relationship, she said: ‘I don’t have one and I don’t think it exists. We are just fooling ourselves if we think it does. Whoever said that every relationship has to last for ever?

‘That’s hoping for too much. I think every relationship is a world unto itself.’

The split marks the second time they have called time on their relationship since they first started dating last April.

They originally parted ways in August with John holding an impromptu press conference outside his New York gym, informing the press it was he who had ended the relationship.

He said: ‘There’s no lying, there’s no cheating, there’s no nothing.

‘People are different, people have different chemistry. I ended a relationship to be alone, because I don’t want to waste somebody’s time if something’s not right.’

When the couple later reconciled, Jennifer said John immediately regretted his behaviour.

She told Vogue magazine: ‘He had to put that out there that he broke up with me… Trust me, you’ll never see that happen again from that man.’

Sorry Jen, but it did just happen.  I am shocked that he didnt have a tweet on his twitter about the ending of the relationship.  He might have done that, but I would not know, since I dont use it.

At last month’s Oscars, the couple appeared inseparable as they arrived at the Vanity Fair after-party together.

The event marked the first time Jennifer had come face-to-face with her ex-husband Brad Pitt and his partner Angelina Jolie.

Jennifer and Brad split in January 2005 after four of marriage and the actor has since gone on to become the father of six children with his Mr & Mrs Smith co-star.

John is just the latest failed romance for the unlucky-in-love actress, who dated her The Break Up co-star Vince Vaughan for over a year and had a brief fling with English model Paul Schulfor, who is now dating Cameron Diaz.

Ouch…why does the media have to continue to harp on the fact that she gets around like my man Tupac…

She will rebound, because that is what she does.  No one can question the looks, but similar to Halle Berry (circa 95-02) we thought that she was the dime piece that was crazy.  She will get it together and figure out that she needs some non-Hollywood type, who has not be jaded by all the attention and glitz.  Maybe someone like a blog writer…nah, I would big time her too, just to fit into the crowd…

4 Responses to “The Dangers of Twitter: Broken Relationships, just ask John Mayer”

  1. Erik said

    I would do right by your girl Jen. Like my man Chris Rock says:

    “fellas, you want your women to be happy? All you got to say is ‘how was your day.’ ‘Honey, how was your day?’ know why? Cause ‘how was your day’ is a 45-minute conversation to a woman. And as a man, you don’t really gotta talk. You gotta just act like you’re talking. ”Get out of here. Go on! l don’t believe it. ‘You don’t say! Really? Get out of here! ‘Go on. l don’t believe it. You don’t say? Get out of here. l told you that bitch crazy!’ You gotta throw in,
    ”l told you that bitch crazy.” You know why? Cause every woman’s got another woman at her job that she can’t stand.”

    I hate talking on the phone as much as the next guy, but what kind of moron is dodging calls and emails while galavanting around the internet like some teenager?

  2. Erik said

    damn, I almost forgot…FIRST!!!

  3. Ronin Storm said

    Another one bites the dust by Twitter.HA HA HA. John “the racist” Mayer was just lying to himself. He didn’t love that girl.
    What I don’t get with this type of technology is at some point you have to make a choice about how many people and how much time. There is only so much much right?
    Anyway thanx Steve, I agree with Jen. Who wants to be with someone that would rather Twitter than Text. Text than call. Or Call than write. One cannot sustain a relationship through text and twit(take note). Life is too short and not to be wasted with chatter.

  4. amtodd said

    I heard someone bumpin “i get around” on my way to the gym early yesterday morning. couldn’t get the song out of my head all day. thanks for bringing it full circle with the video.

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