Mr. Greta Van Susteren is the mastermind behind SarahPAC…

March 20, 2009

Do you know who this guy is…?

No, I am not one of the many AIG execs getting ridiculed...

No, I am not one of the many AIG execs getting ridiculed...

Neither did I until I started into the lunacy of the many PUMA supporters, and people who are regular posters at the CON-fluence and Ignorant Blues.  Here is one of the many comments that got me laughing and the fingers typing.

Carol Says:
March 20, 2009 at 1:43 pm

gary – please don’t use the words President and Obama in the same sentence!


First, Carol, respectfully the man is YOUR President, as well as mine.  Whether or not you voted for him, the man won.  He was sworn in and leads the charge of the U.S.  That would be tantamount to me saying, “Hey people, don’t use intelligent and CAROL in the same sentence…”, whether I thought that or not.  So, you sites that proclaim Hillary is 44 is up there with this

Wait, that should say Clinton defeats Obama!

Wait, that should say Clinton defeats Obama!

Carol Says:
March 20, 2009 at 1:57 pm

Good News. Greta has disclosed that her husband is advising Sarah Palin.

Hillary, you better be prepared to kick his ass to the curb in 2 years or Sarah will be the next President in 2012!


What don’t YOU losers get? YOU LOST. I mean, I understand why you wait and hope for (wait for it…) PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA to fail, but I am amused at your attempts to cut off your nose in the futile hope that you spite your face. (Go for it, it’s a better look for you PUMAS… that way you would be easily identified for a lack of intelligence.)  Before you get up in arms, I don’t really want you to cut off your nose.  I want you to be able to smell the roses of winners…

Out of many funny things to talk about, here are the ones that immediately come to mind

1) YOUR CHOICE, Hillary Clinton, chose to ride with my man Barry Soweto Hussein Obama, instead of staying in the senate and raising HELL there.

2) You cant have it both ways.  After the appointment, you were overjoyed with her being the Secretary of State, because you said that she would go a long way and become the “FOREIGN POLICY” President.  That would seem to help PRESIDENT OBAMA and further his chances of being re-elected. (Forgetting the fact that he beat her once and will be the incumbent and the incumbent wins 95% of re-election races)

So, either she does well and helps Obama, or she does horribly ( which I would never wish) and she has some of the stink on her as well.  Are you really saying that you think that she is going to run again, after she stated that she was not going to run again? Or, are you saying that she needs to quit so Sarah can win?  (I won’t go into why would she quit in two years, when presidents are decided every four years?  Midterms I guess might be an answer, but she resigned from the senate…logic confounds PUMAS…)

Regardless, she (being Sarah Barracuda) can’t win and whoever advises her is not going to get the job done either.  Remember when you talked about the victory that Hillary was going to get over YOUR President?  What about the victory over McLame and Barracuda?  He served them like a 12 course meal from here…

The French Laundry

You talked about the states that were going to go to McLame and that never materialized in a series of PUMAS just being wrong.  A broken clock is right twice a day, a PUMA never…  here is the answer to the question at the top of the post… (all credit goes to for this infomation…)

John Coale: Coale, a well-known Washington lawyer and the husband of Fox News Channel’s Greta Van Susteren, drew national media attention when he endorsed Sen. John McCain’s presidential bid in protest of the way in which Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who he backed in the primary, was treated. Coale, in an interview with the Fix, described himself simply as a “friend” of the Alaska governor but acknowledged that he suggested she start a leadership PAC and helped her navigate through some of the questions surrounding her family that lingered after the campaign. Others familiar with Palin’s political team insist that Coale has far more power than he is letting on — essentially helping to run Sarah PAC….

So Congrats PUMAS, you have found another unethical person to lead your charges. Unlike the PUMA contingent, I like to throw my charges around with a bunch of evidence.

Can you say conflict of interest? Conflict of interest defined…

A situation in which someone, such as an attorney or public official, has professional, personal, or financial interests or obligations and cannot take on certain new business because the prior interest or obligation would make it difficult for that person to fulfill his duties fairly. …

While Greta is spouting her Pro-Sarah rhetoric, her husband is quietly building the political action committee designed to take her to the top? Seems somewhat suspect to me. One thing that I learned early is the “avoidance” of impropriety is key, even if you have nothing to hide. Maybe they have nothing to hide, but why wouldn’t Greta at least mention this in her constant skewering of President Obama?  She wouldn’t want to reveal this little nugget of information, because then people could/would paint her with the partisan brush other news organizations or people have been labeled with.  This would have an effect on ratings…

Now back to the picture.  Again, that is a picture of John Coale, the husband of Greta and a Wahington lawyer.  Look at the hi-jinks that they are up to…This is something that I totally find funny. The hubby and wife team of Coale and Van Susteren were found guilty of ambulance chasing:  (From

“As of April 1996, Coale, his wife Greta Van Susteren – who is also his partner in a law firm, and the law firm were all the subject of serious bar disciplinary proceedings in West Virginia, whose state bar’s discipline board was seeking to suspend their right to practice law in West Virginia for a year as a result of soliciting prospective clients in ways prohibited by bar rules, generally referred to by the public as “ambulance-chasing”; in Coale’s case, the term seems particularly appropriate because one of the incidents that landed him in trouble was his law firm’s employee allegedly trying to chat up a severely-burned man in an intensive-care unit.”

Damn… that is low. Dude is burned to a crisp and you are trying to solicite business? Were you just waiting in the ICU during Greta’s plastic surgery? No, so you had no business there…

Before and After...she must of had a good doctor

Before and After...she must of had a helleva good doctor to correct that crooked mouth that she had, similar to the JOKER. I thought that she talked out of the side of her mouth before, now with her husband, she still can!

“By the end of 1996, the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia had ruled that Coale and his wife were both guilty of professional misconduct in such solicitations, stating:

‘Accordingly, we find that respondents Allen, Coale, and Van Susteren engaged in professional misconduct by inducing others to initiate the improper telephone solicitations which we found violative of Rules 7.3(a) and 7.3(b)(1) of the Rules of Professional Conduct.'”

So, someone who has been FOUND to behave in an unethical way is going to be the quarterback of the Sarah Palin campaign?  That sounds like good news for Obama supporters, especially since they were sloppy enough to be caught…

To have a pre-empt for people who will argue that they were never charged, the real issue was a question of jurisdiction…remember this is one of the same rationales that the Court gave in the Dred Scott decision. The ruling against the odd couple:

Lawyer Disciplinary Board v. Phillip B. Allen, John P.

Coale, and Greta Van Susteren, No. 22700 (W. Va., November 15, 1996)(Albright, J.): ___ W. Va. ___, 479 S.E.2d 317 Reluctantly dismissing ethics charges against out-of-state lawyers for improper solicitation of clients in West Virginia, the Court held that while the evidence clearly supported the Disciplinary Board’s finding that the respondents’ conduct violated the Rules 7.1(c), 7.3(a), 7.3(b)(1), and 8.4(a) of the Rules of Professional Conduct, the Court did not have jurisdiction to discipline them because the misconduct occurred at a time when only persons “regularly engaged in the practice of law” in West Virginia were subject to professional discipline under Article VI, 4 of the West Virginia State Bar Constitution and By-Laws.

So, because they were not REGULAR practitioners or the criminal behavior, the Court didn’t have the ability to levy an adequate punishment…

Finally Coale *likes* to be called an ambulance chaser: “I am a pirate,” Mr. Coale said proudly. “I have been described as an ambulance chaser, and I don’t disagree.”

I am okay with it personally… in the words of Michael Jordan, “You reach, and I teach…”

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