Three time winner of the Ikilladog…Mackey claims the Iditarod

March 19, 2009

The Last Great Race on Earth

You can’t compare it to any other competitive event in the world! A race over 1150 miles of the roughest, most beautiful terrain Mother Nature has to offer. She throws jagged mountain ranges, frozen river, dense forest, desolate tundra and miles of windswept coast at the mushers and their dog teams. Add to that temperatures far below zero, winds that can cause a complete loss of visibility, the hazards of overflow, long hours of darkness and treacherous climbs and side hills, and you have the Ikilladog Iditarod. A race extraordinaire, a race only possible in Alaska.

Is that really something to be proud of?  Only my state of Alaska (and I guess Virginia, since Michael Vick lived there) can kill and torture dogs to this extent and call it a sport?  The damn dogs do all the work and the human just has to beat the shit steer the sled.  Seems rather uneven to me.  I would love to see the dogs beating the shit out of the human driver sometime…

So the Network (ESPN) has an article about the winner of the race that I read and it made me think that the definition of sports has gotten too big…

Here is the trail of tears, for dogs

Here is the trail of tears, for dogs

NOME, Alaska — When Lance Mackey’s father won the 1978 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, he did it with one second to spare.

That isn’t a scenario Lance Mackey ever wants to experience.

“I don’t want to do that. I’d have a damn heart attack,” Mackey said.

Mackey didn’t have to worry. The 38-year-old son of Iditarod champion Dick Mackey crossed the finish line Wednesday in the 1,100-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race hours in front of the competition, joining an elite group of only two other mushers to put together three consecutive wins.

He even had time to stop his team about a half mile outside Nome, where he went down the line, primping and thanking each of his 15 dogs before resuming the final stretch.

Primping?  Really?  I bet that the bigger issue was protecting himself from the dogs who wanted a piece of his ass…either that or cleaning them up as to make the sport look more humane.  I can’t decide which one yet.

The crowd roared as Mackey came into view down Front Street.

About a block from the finish line, Mackey raised both arms in victory and rode that way into the chute at 11:38 a.m., hours ahead of his nearest competitors in the race.

Immediately after winning, he gave treats to his dogs, calling them the “real heroes.”

“This never gets old,” he said at the finish line as he hugged two of them.

It never gets old beating a dog to exhaustion and forcing him/her to do some shit that they probably have zero interest in doing, while dragging your ass around like the king.

Then it was time to take a phone call from Dick Mackey, who barely edged the Iditarod’s only five-time champion, Rick Swenson, in a mad dash down Front Street 31 years ago.

“Pretty cool, huh,” Lance Mackey told his dad.

“I did it, yeah. Did you have doubts?”

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was the next one to congratulate Mackey by phone.

What the hell was Sarah Palin doing that she couldn’t get off her ass to come see if this is something that ONLY ALASKA can experience?  Isn’t King hubby Todd a snowmobile racer?  This event certainly has to be up his alley.  I bet his father did it,  or his grandfather, since they didn’t have cars during his generation…

Also, great father and son moment.  I bet they had great times torturing animals together and to have the son following in the footsteps of the father had to make his heart swell with pride..My boy is an animal torturer!  Interesting fact is that they are the only family torturers to ever when the Ikilladog Iditarod… she made it out for the start

Governor and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was there to cheer the teams on.

“This is what puts Alaska on the map,” Palin said. “This uniquely Alaskan event. We’re just proud to get to — Alaska gets to host such an event. It’s world-class, it’s so unique. We’re just so proud of this race every year.”

Sixty-seven sled dog teams will race. Among them two-time defending champion Lance Mackey. Thirteen female teams are also in the race this year.

Material courtesy of KTVA.

If you have time you can see Sarah Palin opening the ceremony

Just like PUMA’s who like to say shit about President Barack Obama, I have this to say to Governor Palin. Sarah, honey… Don’t you have a state to run or something…?  Please protect us from Russia.  You have to keep an eye or two on them, as they are crafty

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