Joesph Fritzl: He Came, He Saw, He Raped…Chilling accounts of the torture he inflicted

March 18, 2009

Yesterday, the chilling depravity of his monstrous use of his daughter as a sex slave was revealed to the world.  This guy had no compassion for the fruit of his loin. (How twisted is it to say that?)

Here is a picture of the dungeon that he kept her in. Here is a link to the picture enlarged…

At the opening of the trial, prosecutor Christiane Burkheiser said: “For the first few years, when he went into the cellar, he would rape her but he would never speak to her.

“It was always the same routine. He came, he raped her, he left.”

Before his hideously silent attacks, Fritzl turned off the lights in the dank cellar in which he imprisoned daughter Elisabeth for 24 years.

When he was done, he switched them on again.

Why do you think that he wanted the lights off?  Could he not stand himself and the act that he was doing?  I thought maybe, but he took some of his kids and allowed them to live above ground with him and his wife. I normally bang on her for not knowing, but he has some sort of mind control over women or something…

Stunned jurors also heard how Fritzl threw drugged Elisabeth into the underground prison beneath the family home in Amstetten, Austria, when she was just 18. And he:

RAPED her in front of the captive children he fathered through her.

Not shocking if you could bring yourself to rape your child.  Why would he care if the other children who he kept as hostages watched?  It gave him a sick thrill probably to think about being in a porno

ALLOWED one of the children to die two days after birth rather than risk exposing his secret by seeking medical help.

Again, not shocking.  how can you develop an attachment to someone if you are busy raping their mother?  He callously threw the remains in the furnace to burn any evidence.

TETHERED Elisabeth with an iron chain around her waist, restricting her movements even further in a room measuring only 18 square metres.

SEXUALLY abused her — sometimes several times a day — and forced her to re-enact pornographic scenes with him.

EXERCISED total control over her, treating her like a piece of property to do with as he liked.

KEPT her in check with beatings, kickings and gaggings.

CONVINCED his terrified captives he had booby-trapped the dungeon to gas or electrocute them if they ever tried to escape his clutches.

PUNISHED them by turning off all power, leaving them in the dark, mouldy dungeon — which was frequently infested with rats, and

BEGAN molesting Elisabeth when she was 11, then waited seven years before raping her for the first time two days after he imprisoned her.

Fritzl, 73, sat stony-faced in court at St Poelten as Ms Burkheiser outlined the full scale of the ordeal he inflicted on Elisabeth, now 43.

How must she feel to hear the horrors all over again.  I know that she must be thinking or hoping that he got raped in prison.


He also imprisoned three of the children he had through his daughter — Kerstin, now 20, Stefan, 18, and Felix, six.

They never saw daylight until they were rescued in April last year.

The children’s siblings Lisa, 16, Monika, 14, and Alexander, 12, were taken above ground by Fritzl to be raised by him and wife Rosemarie.

Alexander’s twin Michael died two days after being born and was cremated by Fritzl in the cellar’s furnace, the jury heard.

Ms Burkheiser said: “Elisabeth could see from the start that Michael could not breathe. He was blue and struggled throughout his short life.”

The trial began after Fritzl shuffled in silence 300 yards from his jail cell to the court.

Once inside, his lawyer asked him if he was all right — and he replied: “I’m scared.” Fritzl, who added two rooms and a shower to the cellar in 1993, was ringed by armed cops.

Everyone has a right to a fair trial.  Even monsters.  but, you should be afraid, because you know that people are out for your blood.  In addition to the people on the outside, the people in the jails want to show you what it is like to be a sex slave.  (Hint, rape and kill you American Me style)

He held a blue file over his face to hide from photographers.

Fittingly, Fritzl’s last meal before his court appearance was a local pork chop dish named Devil’s Cutlet.

The beast admits incest and false imprisonment.

He pleads “partly guilty” to 3,000 rapes and coercion. But he denies murdering Michael and a charge of slavery.

Ms Burkheiser told how Elisabeth was broken by the random nature of Fritzl’s “visits”.

She said: “The worst thing of all was the uncertainty. When would he come? When would he go? How long would he stay? Would he come back from his holidays at all?

“The uncertainty breaks a person — not the rapes or the appalling conditions or the lack of proper food and medicines.”

I am going to interject here for a minute and say that the rapes and beatings do break a person down psychologically as well…

Ms Burkheiser told how Elisabeth gave birth for the first time “in a damp cellar on a dirty blanket”.

Fritzl’s only warped concession was to give her a book about childbirth two months before.

The prosecutor went on to tell jurors two versions of events — Fritzl’s and the squalor his fearful victims endured. She said:

Open quoteHe claims he cared for his family, he was respectable and an upstanding member of the community.

The fact is he took his daughter Elisabeth downstairs on the pretext he needed help moving a door — and he drugged her and dragged her into the cellar, where he tied her up.

On the second day he put a noose around her waist which severely restricted her freedom even in the small room in which she was confined.

How big was that room? It was 18 square metres, where she spent the next nine years. It is virtually the same size as the jury box in which you sit.

At least for you Joe F., the cell that you are going to be in the rest of your natural born life is bigger than what he kept his daughter in.

There was a washbasin but no bath or shower. There was no heating. No fresh air. Just walls to look at and a door. I have been there twice. It is dark and damp and the smell is unbearable.

Josef Fritzl had complete control of this cellar. He decided what food would be allowed down and when it would be eaten. He decided what medicines would be allowed.

Often the electricity would fail for hours at a time, sometimes for up to ten days.

There was no torch and no candles. With no electricity they had no hot water and no warm food. Even though there were babies to feed there was no light to do it by.

He told Elisabeth there was an electric door which would kill anybody that broke the light barrier surrounding it.

And if the light barrier was broken there was gas that would flood into the room, killing everybody. But he did not need to bother — because she was a broken woman.Close quote

I bet governments are taking notes right now on how to break someone down, as Joseph seems to be the champ at it…

Fritzl’s lawyer Rudolf Mayer insisted he was a misunderstood family man wrongly portrayed as a monster.

Mr Mayer said: “He is a man who wanted a second family and wanted to care for that second family. If it was just rape, sexual pleasure, then he wouldn’t have wanted children. He could have used contraception.

“And if he was a man who didn’t care about children he could have disposed of them.

“But this is a man who slept in the cellar with his children and spent time with them over the Christmas period.

“He could have killed his daughter and everybody else and enjoyed the rest of his life as a respectable man.”

The hearing later went behind closed doors — but not before Fritzl spoke to describe key moments in his life. He told of a difficult childhood because he was unwanted — and of being beaten by his mother.

Fritzl added that he married Rosemarie — then 17 — in 1956 because she had agreed to have the big family he craved.

He said: “I wanted at least ten children. When she said she wanted at least ten children as well, then I married her.”

The trial continues.

Where is Uncle Ruckus when you need him?

Where is Uncle Ruckus when you need him?

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