Inmates gone WILD! Unlike the Champagne room, there is SEX in prison

March 17, 2009

I dont want to see the footage that he shot while HE was in the slammer

I don’t want to see the footage that he shot while HE was in the slammer

I was looking for movies to go see last week and I really couldn’t find one to my liking, with the exception of the Watchman. But, because I am cheap, I like to double up on my movies. So, I searched for something that I could pair it with. One movie that I never got into was the Medea movies.

Martin was funnier in Big Mommas House...I saw that one BECAUSE Martin was ACTING...

Martin was funnier in Big Momma's House...I saw that one BECAUSE Martin was ACTING...

Now, I am all for black dudes making their money in the Malcolm X way. I just think that the premise would be getting kinda tired. Tyler Perry hatched the very successful Medea franchise, with the latest installment has her going to jail.

Put the gun down maam, I mean sir...

Put the gun down ma'am, I mean sir...

I am not one to really comment on someone’s zestyness, but I wonder about Tyler Perry and if he has “sugar in the tank” since he is friends with Will Smith (there is always questions about his swinging both ways with Jada) and he is always playing dress up and he has never been married. (although that last part is tight, since it gives you freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it…)

More to the point, when I saw this news story, I thought of prison movies and the fact that this really doesn’t happen everywhere. This could have been a plot in a Showtime/Skinamax movie I saw last night. You would be a fool not to think that drugs and sex exist in prison, but it is usually drugs that have been smuggled in someone’s rectal cavity and the sex is gay sex. But, not at this prison…I hope Bernie Madoff is not chillin here, because that would mean he got off easy…

MONTAGUE, Texas (AP) – For months, perhaps longer, the Montague County Jail was “Animal House” meets Mayberry. Inside the small brick building across from the courthouse, inmates had the run of the place, having sex with their jailer girlfriends, bringing in recliners, taking drugs and chatting on cell phones supplied by friends or guards, according to authorities. They also disabled some of the surveillance cameras and made weapons out of nails.

The doors to two groups of cells didn’t lock, but apparently no one tried to escape – perhaps because they had everything they needed inside.

The jailhouse escapades – some of which date to 2006, according to authorities – have rocked Montague (pronounced mahn-TAYG), a farming and ranching town of several hundred people near the Oklahoma line, about 65 miles northwest of Fort Worth.

There were whispers in the past year about an affair between a female jailer and male inmate, but folks dismissed the rumors as small-town gossip. It was not until late last month, when a Texas grand jury returned a 106-count indictment against the former sheriff and 16 others, that the inmates-gone-wild scandal broke wide open.

The indictment charged Bill Keating, sheriff from 2004 until December, with official oppression and having sex with female inmates. The others indicted include nine guards – seven women and two men – who were charged with various offenses involving sex or drugs and other contraband. Four inmates also were charged.

Local, state and federal authorities are still trying to figure out how this small-town Texas jail was turned into something resembling a frat house.

The new sheriff, Paul Cunningham, said he was stunned while touring the jail for the first time just hours after being sworn into office Jan. 1. He saw partitions made of paper towels that blocked jailers’ view into cells, and pills scattered about.

Now we have all heard the saying about the “Inmates running the asylum”, but real talk, that is what was happening here.  This was some real like OZ shit.

Cunningham, who had not worked for the county before his election in November, immediately ordered the jail closed and moved the nearly 60 inmates to another institution.

“It literally scared me – not for myself but for the employees,” Cunningham said. “How somebody kept from being killed was beyond me.”

Cunningham, who defeated Keating in the Republican primary last spring, suggested that Keating lost interest in the jail after that and turned his back on the place.

Separately from the indictment, Keating, 62, faces up to 10 years in federal prison after pleading guilty in January to charges he coerced a woman into having sex with him by threatening to jail her on drug charges.

Keating’s attorney, Mark Daniel, called the latest charges against the former sheriff “kind of silly in the face of the federal investigation, like piling on.” He declined further comment.

The investigation began with a tip last fall from inside the jail.

An official received a handwritten letter on notebook paper from an inmate arrested on charges of kidnapping his girlfriend. The inmate, Luke C. Bolton, said they met in 2007 when she was a jail guard and he was behind bars on another charge. He said their sexual relationship started in a jail shower and continued during her late-night visits to his cell.

“I’m just reaching out for help to show (the jailer) is a person who abused her power. She broke the law by having sex with me in cell #16 while I was an inmate. … Please help me. I am telling the truth. Everybody knows I am,” Bolton wrote, offering to take a polygraph.

Now, how is this guy allowed to live, IF you were a prisoner in that prison?  It sounded like it was all good in that place. You had actual woman sex, instead of gay sex, you had the ability to make and place cell phone calls and you had drugs and pills to make you forget that you were in prison.  What could be any better than that?  This is the reason why I HATE snitches.  He was fine with having sex with this woman in the shower area and other places, but he got salty probably when she broke it off or started having sex with someone else…

Words to Live By...

Words to Live By...

The former jailer is among those indicted. Bolton remains in jail.

Current employees said they were shocked by the scandal.

“People say, ‘How could you not know?’ Well, it didn’t go on during our shift,” said Jerrie Reed, who works the day shift. Reed said the then-sheriff sometimes asked to see female inmates privately in his office, but she assumed they were informants. She said none ever seemed upset as she led them shackled to and from Keating’s office.

Cunningham said it appears that most of the illegal activities occurred in a certain section of the 100-bed, one-story jail, which has several long corridors that make it difficult for anyone to hear what is going on beyond their immediate areas.

The jail will reopen this week following about $1 million in repairs, needed after years of damage by inmates, Cunningham said. Also, the entire department is getting new uniforms, badges and vehicles.

“I just think this office needs to change the image completely,” the new sheriff said. “I think we’re well on our way to getting the public’s confidence back.”

Maybe its just me, but I already had no confidence in the prison system BEFORE this event happened.  Prisons are mid evil places that are designed for torture and are not really trying to rehab anyone.  If prisons attempted to correct the abhorrent behavior and not entrenching it, then I could have respect for the institution.

2 Responses to “Inmates gone WILD! Unlike the Champagne room, there is SEX in prison”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    I’m confused. Was it a female prison with male guards or male pris—
    Oh forget it. Kinda crazy when you don’t want to leave prison.

  2. Steve said

    you forgot the First!

    But it was both wings… a male guard was getting it in with female prisoners and the snitch was a dude who had been breaking the cakes of the female guard, who got all sensitive

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