The Last Boy Scout…Art imitating Life yet again

March 16, 2009

How much do leather pants like that cost?

How much do leather pants like that cost?

One movie that is in the Too Old vault of classics is the Bruce Willis Movie, the Last Boy Scout, featuring Damon Wayans in one of his best acting roles.  (editors note… we would be remiss if we forgot to mention Halle Berry in the role of the girlfriend to Damon Wayans…if I had any kritiks about the movie is that she dies off much too quickly in the film and we do not get to see her acting “chops” in a role like this.  Free the caged bird….)

WHAT A WASTE! Why shoot and kill her Shelly Marcone?

WHAT A WASTE! Why shoot and kill her Shelly Marcone?

This allowed me to make more horrible film like

This role as a stripper allowed me to make more horrible films like Gothika! Good thing I'm so darn cute!

The beginning of the movie is the typical action scene that gets the movie going, yet there is a twist that all athletes should listen to. The clip is four minutes long, but you can really start at the 1:50 mark….

Now, that is gangster that Billy Cole used his piece to get into the end zone.  he dropped bass on a few players attempting to tackle him and the nine millie finished off the rest.  It was kind of a punk move to kill yourself at the end of the touchdown, but to each his own.

Unfortunately, in the real world, this type of scenario rears it’s ugly head with football once again, although this one is really played with your feet…

Iraqi shot dead attempting goal

BAGHDAD — Police say an Iraqi soccer player has been shot dead just as he was about to kick what could have been the tying goal in a weekend game south of Baghdad.

Police Maj. Muthanna Khalid says a striker from the Buhairat amateur team was facing only the goalie during a Sunday match in Hillah when a supporter of the rival Sinjar club shot him in the head in the final minute of play.

Sinjar was leading 1-0 when the shooting occurred. Khalid said a spectator was arrested.

More Iraqis are turning out for sports events now that security is improving. Major matches in Baghdad are heavily guarded but security in amateur games in smaller cities is often lax.

For Iraqis, this really should not put them too far behind where they were.  At least this was not a suicide bomber attempting to get all of us behind their idology through fear.  Like we said before, fan is short for fanatic… Go have a cold one and cry into your beer.  There is no need to shoot anyone over this…

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