Marko Jaric, you lucky bastard…

February 24, 2009

Various celebrity gossip sites and mags have reported that Memphis Grizzlies guard Marko Jaric tied the knot with girlfriend, and Victoria Secrets  Brazilian supermodel, Adriana Lima in a hush-hush ceremony on Valentine’s Day.

This is a great example of a dude that isn’t great looking dating an incredibly gorgeous woman and making the only play that seems logical: putting a ring on that finger.  It is a suggestion that we at Too Old often have for friends in similar situations (you know who you are, just lock it down already!).  Special Note: we at Too Old do not necessarily condone the institution of marriage as a general practice, but do feel that there are circumstance that can warrant making it official in the eyes of God and the Law.  Way to go Marko.  Glad to see that your game with the ladies far surpasses your game on the hardcourt.  Other NBA ballers take note: ditch that rag on your arm and get yourself a mink…

Iverson and wife Tawanna

Iverson and wife Tawanna

Eric Snow, good work.  Dikembe...whats up with your girl?

Eric Snow, good work. Dikembe...what's up with your girl?

One more shot of Adriana, just because...

One more shot of Adriana, just because...

2 Responses to “Marko Jaric, you lucky bastard…”

  1. Steve said

    Dikembe’s wife Rose has seen better moments. Here is a link to some pictures of her that are not totally busted and she looks cute…

    could that be her mom? Because that is not a flattering picture of her…

  2. Joe said

    good for Marko Jaric; i would have though Adriana Lima was out of his league

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