Carnival, President Obama and Castro

February 24, 2009

The title also sounds like a bad joke… Barack and Fidel were sitting at a bar, when all of a sudden…

no, I don’t have the rest of the joke damnit… I just said it sounded like one. This picture is the reason for the post…

Not the Castro you were thinking about...

Not the Castro you were thinking about...

If you don’t know who she is, join the club. I only found out about her looking at a story about Obama. This is Viviane Castro,  who is a Samba dancer during the parades for Carnival.  She is smoking hot and should be placed in the Too Old pantheon of…well go ahead and finish the sentence…

SAO PAULO — The Carnival beauty famed for proving it’s possible to get too naked for Brazil’s samba parades is looking for the spotlight again _ by painting her body with an image of President Barack Obama.

Viviane Castro last year made headlines by appearing as a samba school drum queen while wearing nothing but a tape 4 centimeters (1.6 inches) wide _ managing to violate a little-enforced nudity rule and drawing a penalty for her group.

That is the luckiest piece of tape in the world.  Memo to self… this is the reason you have to get to Carnival before you die.  These people know how to party! You will have to click the link if you want to know where President Obama is… hint…its in a great place…

See... Obama kickstarts more than the American people...

See... Obama kickstarts more than the American people...

Castro, 26, said she will wear slightly more on Friday _ but will still have plenty of room to have Obama’s image placed somewhere on her body for all to see.

The exact location won’t be revealed until Sao Paulo samba school X-9 Paulistana parades Friday night, said spokeswoman Ana Neiva.

“This year I will come back with minimal clothing again but honoring the great political figure Barack Obama,” Castro told the G1 Web site in comments confirmed by Neiva. “Everyone, in a certain way, is looking at him to create a good government and take the world out of the crisis.”

X-9 Paulistana’s parade theme is about the Amazon, but Neiva said the school decided to add the American president to the mix because “Obama will be different in making sure the environment is preserved.”

Another dancer, Daniela Dufi, will also have Obama’s image painted on her body, Neiva said.

Plastic replicas of Obama are also the top-selling masks for Carnival this year.

I just want to give a big shout out to both of those dancers and the “political” statement that they are willing to make…

One Response to “Carnival, President Obama and Castro”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    I’m 1st.
    She needs a good ol brazilian waxin. Not a Slumdog.
    Btw, why the huge cab doors on Obama? That’s wrong. LOL
    -Black Presidents baby!

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