“President” replaces N-Word…maybe???

February 20, 2009

O.K. this was too funny to pass-up. Yet with that said I’m gonna start using “president”. Not to replace the n-word b/c I don’t use the word but in place of  “black man”. For those who don’t know there are 2 types of African Americans. A “Nig–r” and a “Black Man”. You see a “Nig–r” on the street and a AA says “What’s up my Nig–r”. If an AA sees another AA doing something with their lives they say “what’s up Black Man”. Thanx to Obama “President” will replace both. Maybe. Lets call it the Obama effect. j.k.

The founders of President Please are on a mission, some might say from God, to strike from the english language one of its most offensive words. From now on, if a rapper has his finger on the trigger, he’ll have a slightly harder time finishing his stanza. From the group’s website:

President Please is a non-profit organization dedicated to the abolition of “the N-Word” and it’s replacement with the word “President”.

We’ve been deeply inspired by Barack Obama, whose led the entire country down a new road to freedom and self-empowerment. Since we finally have an African American in the Oval Office, there is no better time for the black community to embrace a new optimism. We hope that this website will inspire hope, change, and a renewed positive attitude which we can carry into the future. Our dream is that every child born after January 20, 2009 won’t ever hear the N-Word.

The group got a big boost recently when, as its website announces, they were featured on a local news program.

One day we might even see this…

Quentin Tarantino may have to look for a new job.

3 Responses to ““President” replaces N-Word…maybe???”

  1. Is there ever a situation where a European American (EA) could qualify to use the “n” word? I have known some AAs who tolerated this but was unsure of the hard-line social etiquette.

  2. Steve said

    Johnny Peepers,

    It depends in what climate, tone,intonation and setting you use it at.

    This video should help you out

    I think that once you watch it, your questions will be answered.

    Its all about how you say it and how you say it to. If you said it to me the correct way, I will give you dap and its all good. Use it the wrong way, and you are the proud owner of a brand new assbeating!

    thanks for stopping by…you are aces in my book so far

  3. presidentplease said

    Here’s the youtube link that works:

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