Race Still Matters: The New York Post and Racist Cartoons

February 19, 2009

Race Matters…

That was one of the best lessons that debate taught me.  First and foremost, there were in my time (and the same thing exists now) few black debaters.  I was fortunate in the sense that I had my buddy Doug and Marcus from high school that participated in debate.  I owe a lot to debate and one thing that changed who I am as a man was reading Cornell West and Derrick Bell.

Reading these works of art helped define my place in the world as a black man and what I needed to do to embrace my blackness.  The cover shot of Race Matters is ironic, as a Black man nicely dressed, still can’t catch a cab in New York.  Dr. West is late for the shoot precisely because he can’t convince a cab driver to stop and pick him up.

You would think that we would be much further along in racial issues after events like the Rodney King incident or Amadu Diallo or Sean Bell (no relation, but we are all related…) but clearly we are not.  Oscar Grant, which we blogged about here happened. It’s easy for some to forget the racial struggles that have happened here in the United States.  People tend to think that the fight is over, since we elected the first Black President of the United States.  Wake Up!

Here is the comic in question

The Daily News critiques its competition, the New York Post…

Ongoing studies by a prominent psychologist at Stanford University suggest that the racist association of African-Americans with apes is so ingrained in our history and culture that it persists subconsciously even in college kids born after the civil rights movement.

The study’s results were summarized in the 2008 paper “Not Yet Human: Implicit Knowledge, Historical Dehumanization and Contemporary Consequences.”

“It was surprising to us how strong it was,” the co-author, Stanford Associate Prof. Jennifer Eberhardt, said Wednesday of the persistent link. “It did give me cause for pause.”

She did not need to see the Post to know the dehumanizing association is wired into many psyches.

“It’s still with us,” she said, “despite the election of the first black President.”

We also have the first black attorney general, Eric Holder. He made a speech to Justice Department employees Wednesday marking Black History Month. He said we remain “essentially a nation of cowards,” afraid to speak to each other about race.

“If we’re going to ever make progress, we’re going to have to have the guts, we have to have the determination, to be honest with each other,” he added afterward. “It also means we have to be able to accept criticism where that is justified.”

Holder was not speaking of the Post, but he might as well have been. Sharpton was and he was planning a demonstration. The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives was calling for advertisers to yank their ads. Readers were speaking of a boycott.

The artist, Sean Delonas is a racist.  He is also a homophobic.  Look at one of his earlier cartoons.  We should not be shocked about what comes out of his mouth (or more to the point, his pen…)

The old saying is true, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Unfortunately all the words are saying that you do not matter blacks and gays.

4 Responses to “Race Still Matters: The New York Post and Racist Cartoons”

  1. llabesab said

    Oh ye “Professional Racists!” You won’t be happy until Jesse Jackson is President; Al Sharpton is Secy. of State; Charlie Rangel is Secy. of Treasury; and Colin Powell is Janitor at the White House.

    If tou’re so troubled about living in he USA, move to the Congo; or Darfur; or Ethiopia! See how long you would last there.

  2. Steve said


    I love the “Go to some far off location if you are not happy here…”
    First, fuck off. I was born here, my folks were born here and so were their parents. I’m not going anywhere. Why don’t you just make a slight move to Idaho or Montana, where you can be with the rest of your racist breed. That is a more reasonable request.

    Second, how does going to some place worse make the situation here better?

    I guess the slaves should have kept quiet about their treatment, or Rosa Parks should have just moved to the back of the bus. Sorry Bull Conners, I am going to speak the fuck up.

    Third and finally, thanks for reading. Your ignorant statements are clearly discussion points that we laugh at. Anytime you want to come and try us, we will be here to smack you back down.

  3. jm27 said

    llabesab, ignorant-fuck extraordinaire, only proves the point of this post. Not only does race still matter, but racists like llabsab exacerbate the problem of racism… ugh.

    Sup Steve!


  4. […] The problem becomes when re get overly sensitive and look for racism in everything that we do or see.  Race is a problem… Just look at the comments of other stories that deal with race here like this one… […]

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