E’s song of the day

February 16, 2009

Yesterday was a long one and I wasn’t able to get to a computer in time to post; I’m sorry I let you down.  I did, however, have a song in mind for yesterday, making good on my promise to hit you off for some smooth love jams this week.  So today, you have the good fortune of getting two tracks for your listening pleasure.  The last track (on V-day) was, in my opinion, more of a love making song than a song about love.  This first jam is certainly the latter.  My man Steve Harvey once described this as the greatest love song ever.  My other man Steve (of the Too Old Crew) reminded me that Kanye made some mad loot by speeding this jam up and throwing an average flow on top.  today’s first jam: Lenny Williams – Cause I Love You.  Enjoy…

And, because I’m feeling so generous today, I’ll also hit you off with the section of the Kings of Comedy in which Harvey talks about the song (the whole bit is great, but he specifically rocks the Lenny Williams at about minute 7:10)…

Damn, I love Steve Harvey.  Which also reminds me, we need to get some Steve Harvey Collection fine men’s suits…

Tell me that isnt big pimpin

Tell me that isn't big pimpin'

As promised, a special second song for you folks out there.  Now that my man Lenny got you nice and warmed up, allow my man Tricky to seal the deal with this filthy, dark, driving, sexy beat.  I’m not gonna lie, if this jam is quickly accessible when I’m about to get “intimate” you best believe it’s getting thrown onto the playlist.  I first got into Tricky with the release of his debut album, Maxinquaye, which I bought over the summer of ’97, a couple of years after the album’s release.  I own almost the full Tricky discography and I still believe Maxinquaye is his masterpiece (and today’s second jam my favorite on the album).  Tricky – Suffocated Love.  Get nasty…

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