Babies Having Babies Part Two: Two more youngsters step up and claim to be the father

February 16, 2009

One of the many things that I will take away from work is a love of Maury Povich. I had a class of work study/career planning that was interesting. One of the life lessons that they taught me was the issues that people faced on Maury. It was a great diversion of time and was really educational, in a trashy sort of way.

Not too many people remember Maury as a serious investigative reporter, like his wife Connie Chung. Then he started to branch out and his show was a vehicle for people to face their various inner demons and issues ala Dr. Phil. But, just like in sports, Maury began to specialize. He has currently found his niche as a paternity show.

Now, Maury is reduced to this…

When people are on the Maury show, they know what they are coming for. It is mind boggling what people will do for a little shine and 15 minutes of fame. They are willing to air out the dirty laundry of their past. It’s okay to get it in, in the words of 50’s latest song, but maybe you want to try it with protection.

Soon, we should have a British Maury show and we can have Alfie, Richard, Tyler Barker and Chantelle on the show…

Alfie Patten, the 13-year-old British Boy who made headlines last week by becoming the daddy of a baby girl, may have not fathered the child after all.

According to The Sun, two other teenagers have come forward claiming that they may be the father of one week old Maisie Roxanne.

16-year-old Richard Goodsell and 14-year-old Tyler Barker claim that they slept with the child’s mother, 15-year-old Chantelle Steadman, around nine months ago.

Both teenagers claim that they shared a bed with Chantelle on seperate occasions with consent from her parents and they had unprotected sex with her.

“I know I could be the father. Everyone thinks I am,” said Goodsell. “My friends all tell me that the baby has my eyes – even my mum thinks so.”

Goodsell claims he had sex with Chantelle three times while Barker claims he only bedded her once.

“It was routine for boys to stay over with Chantelle in her bed,” said Barker.

Both boys and their parents have reportedly made sworn statements in front of a solicitor detailing their encounters with Chantelle.

Chantelle has denied their claims and says her only sexual encounter has been with Alfie.

“I love Alfie. I lost my virginity to him,” said Chantelle. “[Those] other stupid boys are lying.”

Alfie, who was 12 when he first had sex with Chantelle, strongly believes the child is his and has vowed to take a DNA test.

“I am the only boyfriend Chantelle’s had and we’ve been together for two years,” said Alfie. “When she found out she was having a baby, I asked her, ‘Am I the dad?’ She went, ‘Yeah’. So I believe her.”

So, that last statement is sad. This is where young Alfie has to grow up. If he were to scan the internet and read this, the piece of advice that I would give him is that women lie to protect their conception of reality. Guys obviously do it to, but when it comes to babies, women will lie. So, yes, Alfie, you might be the only boyfriend during that two years, but you are not the only one to give it to her (potentially).

How must the mother of Chantelle must feel that other dudes are coming out of nowhere to say that they too have tasted the fruit of your loins, not once but a couple of times?  To make matters worse, they went to the cops, not just to the Sun or some other newspaper, so they really must believe it.  This is shaping up to be an exciting time.  I feel for Alfie, who is getting training about women on the job…

Why would two dudes come out of the woodwork to claim the baby unless they really believe thtat it is theirs? One of the dudes is 16, so he would have a better claim on reality (I would think) to understand what is going on.  Also, it may not have been his first time, since by that age, you might be driving and such.  I hope that Chantelle didn’t fall for the ole just the tip, only for a second ruse.  You have to wrap it up if there is no other birth control being used.  Plus, you hid it for awhile, so the date of conception has to be off some.  This is shades of Kobe, without a famous basketball player being caught up.  Remember Katelyn Faber, the Kobe accuser?

Thank you for bringing KOBESTYLE! into our vernacular...

Thank you for bringing "KOBESTYLE!" into our vernacular...

She was found to have the DNA of a few men in her panties, when she went to accused Kobe.  Now, that doesn’t mean that the attack didn’t happen, it just means that she is a skank for not changing her panties and/or washing out the box after use.

If it were me, I would be happy that you stepped up to claim it and that it would not be my child. So, I can be thinking about this,

What little boy doesnt love cars and machines!

What little boy doesn't love cars and machines!

instead of this…

Here is a quality video to watch, set to music. Its like E’s song of the day and Steve’s warming of the day all wrapped up into one… Enjoy and stay classy Europa!

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